January 20, 2015

Our Time - The Couples Stroll

Thanks to Joovy for gifting us the Joovy Qool stroller which has quickly become a part of our family routine and given us "our time."

In emerging from the blinding fog that is the first few months of a baby, our family has begun to establish a bit of a routine.  It's the little things.  Kayla picks out her clothes for school the night before.  Craig packs Kayla's lunch.  I set up the coffee pot and measure water for a night time bottle.  On Sundays I prep for weeknight dinners.  Even Blake is getting with the program and working on establishing a two nap schedule.  But my most favorite routine lately has been the afternoon couples stroll.

Joovy Qool, how to find our time as parents,

In case you haven't noticed, I took a few weeks off from writing - exception, Instagram because things were JUST SO HECTIC around here.  My consulting business has been rocking and rolling which is great, but also eating into any time I might have had to write, not to mention family time.  I've had to really rip myself away from the computer and say enough is enough.  For now.

Most days I leave my phone and laptop to fend for themselves for a bit and Craig, Blake and I head out for a family stroll.  On the days when Kayla is in school, I consider it "our time."  We talk about goals, what's going on with work, get home DIY inspiration around the neighborhood and dare to dream about taking a really big trip one day to somewhere exotic.  File that under things we should have done pre-kids.  It might be a while until it happens...

Joovy Qool, how to find our time as parents,

I know that for a lot of couples their time is after the kids go to bed.  If I'm being honest, by the time that Kayla is happily nestled in with her 7 stuffed animals (negotiated down from 20) and Blake has been carefully positioned to battle flat head I'm exhausted.  Conversationally challenged.  Basically, brain dead.  I no longer have opinions and I'm just working up the energy to go wash up. How can you have a functional marriage where your main time to talk about life is when you're human mush?

Joovy Qool, how to find our time as parents,

I'm sure there are other people who have somehow figured this out, but until my baby brain converts to sleeping through the night toddler brain I think the afternoon stroll is our mid-day night cap.  Our mental happy hour.  For now, I will take it and run with it.  Uphill, pushing a stroller full of chubby baby.  I'm just grateful that the chubby baby in question actually loves a nice neighborhood stroll.  I have noticed that since making the transition from his car seat to the actual cushy seat of the Qool stroller that Blake is a lot happier.

Joovy Qool, how to find our time as parents,

Maybe it's the memory foam-like seat.  Maybe it's the big ass sun blocking canopy that actually stands up to the San Diego sun.  I personally think it's the fact that we can switch up the angle and position him so we can see what's going on around him without just staring up at the sky.  Whatever it is, I'm just grateful.  Really, truly grateful to have our time.  It's so easy to be two passing ships living in the same house when you have young children.   In fact, I once had a friend describe her relationship with her husband as exactly that and I thought it was the saddest thing ever.  That was years ago and a moment of two seconds, but it has always stuck with me.

So here's to finding your version of  "our time" whatever it may be. The answer is that it doesn't really matter what it is, does it?  It just matters that it exists at all, right?

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