December 2, 2014

This Baby Is A St. Jude Baby

Last November I shared about a very special trip I took to an incredibly special place, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  It changed my life.  Literally.  Let me explain.  I published this post on Thanksgiving day of 2013.  I urge you to go read it because most of us have heard about St. Jude and have a general idea of what they do.  However, there is just SO much more to the picture than what you see in a 30 second commercial.  If you've done that, then here goes.  Blake was born in August 2014...

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Even if you aren't a math wizard, you can figure out that I visited St. Jude in November and 9 months later, Blake arrived on this planet.  It's no secret that Craig and I debated about having a second child for years.  Fear of so many things got the best of us.  The financials of childcare, preschool and college for two were intimidating.  I worried about whether I could possibly find time to work as much as I do and be not just a decent, but a great mother to two and wife to one. We were terrified of having another baby with health issues like Kayla had.

St Jude Thanks and Giving, St, Jude Baby, St Jude blogger, #ThanksandGiving,

You expect a children's hospital to be depressing and sad.  The problems within it usually are.  However, the people at St. Jude and the lengths they will go to to make things feel magical, inspiring and just normal for the kids there is what makes it different. So when I returned from St. Jude I knew two things.  1) This trip would change my life because there are things you see and feel that you never forget.  2) My question of one versus two was answered.

St Jude Thanks and Giving, St, Jude Baby, St Jude blogger, #ThanksandGiving,

Two.  What made me feel like it was finally okay to listen to that little voice?  Knowing that in this crazy and sometimes scary world we live in, there are great people and great resources available to those who need them most.  You hope that your child never has to see the inside of a place like St. Jude, unless they are visiting like I was.  However, we are  just SO lucky to live in a country that has a place like St. Jude.

On the flight back from Memphis I just knew.  I knew that my previous fears were not unfounded, but insignificant compared to how I really felt.  I knew that most likely everything would be okay.  I knew that I was grateful for the now healthy child I already have, no matter how hard the beginning was. And so with a few serious talks (and maybe one emotional breakdown on my behalf) Craig and I found ourselves on the same page.  And not too long there after, we found ourselves here.

And here.

And then here.

St Jude Thanks and Giving, St, Jude Baby, St Jude blogger, #ThanksandGiving,

Feeling lucky as can be.  Blake is a St. Jude Baby and while I hope from the deepest depths of my heart that he never becomes a patient at St. Jude, I really do hope that one day I can take him there and show him the very special place that in so many ways is responsible for his existence.

The very first toy I bought for Blake was this stuffed animal elephant I purchased while at St, Jude.  He comes with a very special story and 100% of the profits from him go right to St. Jude.   Want to know more about why it's so important to support St. Jude? Read on below.


Families travel from all over the world to come to St. Jude.  They pick up, leave everything behind and they come.  Because they know that their child will receive everything humanly possible that can be done to both help them and keep them as happy as possible.  What many of them don't even know is that one thing they won't have to deal with when coming to St. Jude is medical bills.

How many awful stories have you heard about the crushing debt families are left with when a child is sick?  The financials of long term of medical care are scary enough if you have great health insurance and downright awful if you don't.

When you donate to St. Jude you enable a family to focus on just two things.  Their child's health and the rest of their family.  Families that are served by St. Jude NEVER receive a bill.  Not for treatment, food, housing or travel.  Nothing.  As you can imagine, it takes some serious funding to make this possible and that's where we come in.  You can donate directly to St. Jude or you can visit one of their many wonderful corporate partners during their Thanks and Giving campaign.

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