September 2, 2014

Modern Marvel - Nook LilyPad Playmat

Thanks to Nook for sending us the Nook LilyPad playmat to check out.  It's probably the most stylish modern playmat for babies I've seen to date! 

So in case you've missed it, lately I've been ever so slightly fixated on nursery decor and all things cool for baby.  Which is precisely why when I discovered the brand Nook Sleep Systems via my Instabuddy Numi Numi Design I was all excited.  They make funky looking mattresses, crib mattresses, changing pads, pillows, nursing pillows and this beauty...

Nook Sleep Systems, Nook Review, Nook Lilypad playmat

It's called the LilyPad and it's a super cute playmat that is literally the most comfortable thing you will ever walk on should you happen to step on it while placing your baby on the mat.  I'm not even kidding.  If there was an option to carpet my home in this material, I would.  And I'd probably be a happier person as I walked on clouds all day while begging my child to brush her hair or let me brush it for the fifth time each morning.

Nook Sleep Systems, Nook Review, Nook Lilypad playmat

You're probably wondering what it's made from since most ridiculously comfy, yummy or pretty things in life always tend to have something bad lurking behind them.  But no.  What really surprised me was finding out that Nook's products are fabricated with Eucalyptus fibers, PETE and organic cotton.  One of their major selling points is breathability.

Nook Sleep Systems, Nook Review, Nook Lilypad playmat

We also have a Nook crib mattress for baby Blake that my parents were sweet enough to gift to him and it's pretty incredible.  You can stick your face against it and actually breathe through it.  For real.  If you're like most parents, the idea of SIDS completely freaks the heck out of you, so I found this incredibly comforting.

Nook Sleep Systems, Nook Review, Nook Lilypad playmat

The LilyPad playmat is 40" in diameter and gives a nice amount of space for infant play or tummy time.    It's also big enough for Kayla to play next to baby Blake.  You can use the mat indoors or outside and I was very surprised to discover that it's machine washable.  I mean, half of my sweatshirts from J.Crew aren't even machine washable so I give the folks over at Nook some credit for creating a product that is stylish, functional and practical for parents of little drool monsters. It also happens to be the PERFECT background for some seriously cute baby photos.  If you follow me on Instagram then you'd know our LilyPad playmat has been making quite a few appearances.

If you'd like to learn more about some of the innovative products Nook Sleep Systems offers you can check out their product offerings here.  I'm totally intrigued by their Niche feeding pillow and I have a feeling Kayla would go crazy for the Pebble Lounger.  Hello comfy movie watching!  You can also follow Nook Sleep Systems on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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