August 19, 2014

Meet Baby Blake + Our (very short) Birth Story

One week ago our highly anticipated little guy arrived.  While I was beyond excited to meet him, I was also pretty scared.  Scared of going from one child to two, and particularly terrified of having a repeat of Kayla's baby days, which truly tested the limits of my and Craig's relationship.  So I'm happy to report that minus a couple of hiccups, we're all in a very good place.

With the threat of an induced labor looming the following day, Blake decided it was finally time to make an appearance.  I don't remember much of the whole getting to the hospital process with Kayla because I was in so much pain I couldn't think.  Maybe your tolerance for pain changes over time.  Maybe I'm just less of a wimp these days

While the contractions were strong and pretty uncomfortable, I found myself joking around with the nurses and Craig during labor.  I even contemplated not having an epidural, but chickened out at the thought of getting to the point of no return where it was too late to have it and being in excruciating pain.

Craig and I settled in for what we were told would probably be a few hours before it would be time to push.  The nurses turned the lights down and encouraged us to try to get some sleep.  Craig was coughing and had forgotten his inhaler at home.  I told him he should just go home and get it since it would be a long time still.  Yep, no.  Shortly after that I started feeling some super strong contractions and much to everyone's surprise this baby was ready.  If Craig had gone home (which he would not do since he's stubborn- thank goodness) he would have 100% missed Blake's arrival.  Oops.

We had one little scare with Blake's heart rate dropping during the very end and I did my best not to freak out about it.  After the world's shortest active labor (okay, not really, but it seemed that way) we had a pretty cute little 7 pound 13 ounce baby.  Bigger than his sister even though everyone was convinced he'd be way smaller.

Craig was in charge of making sure our Cryo-Cell cord blood and cord tissue kit got packed up and picked up and I just sat there cuddling a tiny baby in shock and happiness that in just a few quick moments we had gone from a family of three to four.

Kayla was in all her glory the following day when she came to visit.  Craig's mom had sent her this super cute Carter's big sister shirt and she could not wait to put it on. All she wanted to do was touch his fuzzy little head and I had to hold back my instinct to say "be gentle!" since she really was being gentle.

I thought it was sweet that our hospital gives out these little coupons to big brothers and big sisters so they can get a special treat in the cafeteria.  She cleverly opted for a Rice Krispie Treat.  I can't lie, I was jealous.  We spent a good 10 minutes testing every button out on the hospital bed since really, what could be more fun for a 5 year old than a moving bed?  After that it was time for Kayla to go home and she cried, which basically broke my heart.

We had a bit of a struggle with feeding Blake and suspicions that he suffered from tongue tie.   It made it nearly impossible for him to get a good latch and left me in more pain than I was in during labor.  I feel like that means something coming from a woman who has given birth just days before...

He lost a significant amount of weight in the first few days after birth and we elected for him to have a frenectomy, where they actually clip under the tongue so the baby is able to extend it further and properly latch/suck.  Thank goodness it seems to have done the trick and our little man is on his way back to his birth weight.  He's been eating well and sleeping well and I am amazed at how different things feel from the first time we became parents.

I know there are hard times to come, but this time it feels like Craig and I are a team and we're both ready for this.  My worries about how Kayla would feel are nearly gone.  She adores her little brother in a way I couldn't have even imagined.  Basically, I couldn't be happier!

More on these in a bit, but since people always ask, Blake's custom baby blanket comes from Atkinson Drive Gifts and the super comfy playmat he is laying on is the LilyPad organic playmat from Nook.  I'm madly in love with both of them and can't wait to share more about them with you.
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