July 18, 2014

Nesting and A Little Nursery Tour!

A couple of weeks back, Craig went on a guys weekend trip.  I found myself with the irrational, burning desire to purge, clean, sort, organize and give away.  And then I prayed I would not go into premature labor because obviously I had been bitten by the end of pregnancy nesting bug.  Hard.  It's incredible the kind of progress you can make when you're working on pregnant lady adrenaline despite not being able to bend at certain angles, lift heavy things or consume copious amounts of caffeine.

Nursery tour, nursery on a budget, Aden and Anais, IKEA crib, rock n play sleeper

I attacked the house so hard that well, baby Blake's nursery (yep, we're going with Blake!) is almost done and I've been doing a mom guilt induced revamp to Kayla's room. So I figured I would share how I'm making the most of my former office as a nursery.

It's a small space.  Don't get me started on the sacrifices you make to live near the beach in San Diego.  Blake's room is about 10'x 10'...which instantly makes me think prison cell.  Not exactly what you want associated with a sweet baby's domain.   So making it feel bright, airy and clean seemed key.   The room is already carpeted with something Craig chose before we got married and it's fine, but boring so I bought a nice 7'x7' grey and ivory chevron rug to add a little bit of excitement to the room but keep it neutral.

Nursery tour, nursery on a budget, grey chevron rug, fox booties

We all know that it's usually a while before a baby actually makes their way into the giant crib that we must have before they arrive.  In order to feel remotely sane I needed to purchase and assemble ours at about 5 months pregnant.  I adore my husband, but furniture assembly is NOT his thing so I knew I would be putting it together and that needed to happen well before I reached watermelon smuggling status.  Warning: do not assemble a crib by yourself at 11pm.  It's a recipe for disaster.

Nursery tour, nursery on a budget, Aden and Anais, IKEA crib,

This crib is nothing more than IKEA.  I guess knowing this was our second and last baby and that I had already gotten rid of the drop-side crib we had from Kayla I wasn't feeling like we needed something fancy meant to become an heirloom.  While the crib itself is nothing to get excited about but easy and functional, I am in love with all of the linens.  Here is where I stepped up my game on baby #2.  They're all Aden + Anais super soft muslin in cute patterns.  My current faves for a little boy are Up, Up & Away and Liam The Brave.

Nursery tour, nursery on a budget, Atkinson Drive Gifts rock n play sleeper

What I think this baby will actually sleep in to start is this Rock n Play sleeper.  I have heard only amazing things from friends and my goodness I wish it existed when Kayla was a baby.  With her severe reflux, the angling on this would have been a blessing.  Instead, I had her sleeping in a baby bouncer while I literally slept on the floor next to her hoping for a solid hour or two of sleep a night.  Now you know why we waited nearly 6 years to do this again! The crazy cute custom blanket comes from Atkinson Drive Gifts and is handmade by an awesome mompreneur. 

Nursery tour, nursery on a budget, Aden and Anais, IKEA crib, rock n play sleeper

Not too long ago I got bold and renovated one of our bathrooms.  I fell in love with the paint color we used for it and knew I would use it in the nursery as well.  This shelving unit had been in my office but was an espresso color.  To give it a bit of a built-in feel I painted it with the same color as the walls.  For now it holds baby essentials and I imagine before long it will be filled with books and toys.

Nursery tour, nursery on a budget, Aden and Anais, IKEA crib, rock n play sleeper

I adore this Eames inspired chair.  While a glider would be nice in theory, they tend to fall into one of two categories.  Ugly + huge OR decent looking + astronomically expensive + huge.  Neither were going to work well in this room.  The Eames version of this chair runs about $400-$500 but this version goes for about $100.  I added one of those faux sheepskin rugs from IKEA to make it comfy and a silly stuffed animal from The Land of Nod because well, I just couldn't help myself.  Clearly this guy belongs in our family.

So it's not everything, but that's most of the nursery.  More on the changing table setup, wall decor and the little details coming soon! 
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