July 28, 2014

Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage II - A Playhouse for Toddlers

I reviewed the new Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage II as part of the Step2 Ambassador program.  I think it's a great playhouse for toddlers and a nice indoor or outdoor playhouse.

On our quiet block in San Diego we're blessed with a lovely little mix of neighbors.    This summer Kayla has had the thrill of playing with one neighbor's visiting toddler grandson and taking on the role of "big kid."  Not only is it adorable, but the timing could not be better considering we are entering big sister land literally any day at this point.  So it was my absolute pleasure to park this new Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage II in their back yard as a surprise for his next visit.  And of course, I wanted to share it with you since I happen to think it's a pretty solid choice for the smallest customers in the home buying market.

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July 25, 2014

Charger - A Rescue Story + I and Love and You

Thanks to my favorite new dog food brand I and Love and You for sponsoring this post about Charger's rescue story.  Charger and I are super excited #Furreal that I and Love and You high quality dog food is now available in Ralph's Grocery Stores.  You can grab an  I and Love and You coupon too. 

10 years ago if you asked me if dogs had a place in my life I would say yes...maybe?  I never grew up with a dog, though I tortured my parents with every other subpar pet to an actual dog to make up for the fact our house was woof-free.  Hamsters, gerbils, lizards, fish ugh.  In hindsight they probably should have just let my sisters and I have a dog and saved themselves a lot of trouble, cage cleaning and shoebox burials.  Not to mention the fact that any good dog owner knows these furry beings truly become a part of your family, your daily routine and a huge source of happiness.

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July 23, 2014

Disney FROZEN Ice Dig Activity for Kids

In need of a FROZEN activity for kids?  I've got a fun summer activity for a FROZEN party or just to keep your kids busy on a hot day. 

It's hot outside, but my child is still obsessed with FROZEN.  Which got me thinking that we needed some kind of FROZEN summer fun.  While checking out the sand toys at Target this idea came to me and I knew we had to try making a Disney FROZEN Ice Dig.  It's easy to do, you can put it in your freezer and forget about it until you're desperate for an activity and quite frankly it's a great way to cool your child down and entertain them. 

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July 18, 2014

Nesting and A Little Nursery Tour!

A couple of weeks back, Craig went on a guys weekend trip.  I found myself with the irrational, burning desire to purge, clean, sort, organize and give away.  And then I prayed I would not go into premature labor because obviously I had been bitten by the end of pregnancy nesting bug.  Hard.  It's incredible the kind of progress you can make when you're working on pregnant lady adrenaline despite not being able to bend at certain angles, lift heavy things or consume copious amounts of caffeine.

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July 8, 2014

Safe and Stylish Bath Toys - Begin Again Bathtub Pals + Boon White Whale Pod

Not too long ago we renovated our guest bathroom.  Which I was terrified of doing because it was my first real home renovation project.  I wanted something simple, clean and stylish that be transformed with accessories over time. Since we couldn't be more in baby and kid mode if we tried, I had started kid-cessorizing the bathroom in my head well before it was done.  There were two products stood out as must haves for safety and aesthetics - Begin Again's Bathtub Pals and the Boon Whale Pod in White.

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