June 2, 2014

Pregnancy On The Go Kit - Healthy Habits For Second Time Moms

I created my Pregnancy On The Go Kit to promote women's health for busy pregnant mothers as part of a sponsored post for  #CollectiveBias #HerHealth

Have you noticed that there are a ton of companies out there trying to provide you with a kit that has everything you could possibly need while in the hospital giving birth?  Which is great.  But what about all of the months before?  And what about those of us who are second, third, fourth time and beyond moms? 

I think it's safe to say that with each child "on the outside" you have exponentially less time to worry about the one on the inside.  Finding myself in this category recently I made this little Pregnancy On The Go Kit.  It packs in the very basics to take care of yourself and that baby while on the go with an older child. 

Mommy Testers, Pregnancy on the go kit, pregnancy essentials kit, #HerHealth, #shop

Yep, it's true.  I have less time to worry about whether or not I took those prenatal vitamins today than the first time around.  Probably since I'm just trying to keep up with this child and balance work and the fact that I swear this belly popped out way faster than last time.  Which of course is super helpful for navigating playgrounds made for those under 7 years of age.  Not.

Mommy Testers, Pregnancy on the go kit, pregnancy essentials kit, #HerHealth, #shop

So in the midst of errands I got myself to Walgreens and picked up enough prenatal vitamins to get me to D-day.  Then, because not just buying them, but actually remembering to TAKE them is half the battle I bought myself an old lady pill box.  We make certain psychological sacrifices in life.  Especially for our children...

Mommy Testers, Pregnancy on the go kit, pregnancy essentials kit, #HerHealth, #shop

While perusing the aisles of vitamins (dang they have a lot of things to help keep you healthy at Walgreens)  I noticed a display of Tums and remembered that I had demolished my tiny supply during an epic bout of baby induced heartburn a month ago.  I had been meaning to replace them, but of course it had fallen to the bottom of the list since it was for me and not actually for the baby or Kayla.  I grabbed one for my kit and one to keep in my nightstand.

Mommy Testers, Pregnancy on the go kit, pregnancy essentials kit, #HerHealth, #shop

There are other battles you fight when incredibly pregnant.  Like going from zero to starving in about two minutes.  In our home, it's a well known fact that this is the first indicator that you may no longer have an empty uterus.  In fact, it seemed so obvious this time around as Craig watched me house a cheeseburger of epic proportions and then stare at his plate longingly that I took a pregnancy test so early it showed a false negative.  

Suffice to say I felt less crazy the following week when three tests in a row pretty much confirmed what we both already suspected.  And I've been stocking up on KIND bars.  They keep me kind.  Hungry Jillian is a little bit of a beast. 

Speaking of going/feeling crazy.  Moments of craziness make you sweat.  Especially when you live in "almost Mexico" during the summer and are toting a giant tummy full of baby.  If you're like me these days, then doesn't take much to feel like you are breaking a sweat while trying to reason with your preschooler.  So when I saw this little travel pack of Yes To Cucumbers face wipes in Walgreens I grabbed them. They are the closest I see myself getting to a spa experience anytime soon. Oh well.  

Mommy Testers, Pregnancy on the go kit, pregnancy essentials kit, #HerHealth, #shop

Because I know that as the months wear on I'm losing steam and because that's not Kayla's fault, my Pregnancy On The Go Kit packs a couple of treats for her.  There is a small LEGO set for when I need a quiet activity for her while out in a public place and my brain is incapable of thinking of one.

There is also a very inexpensive little punch ball balloon that can be blown up and handed over for an immediate kid-friendly energy release.  Perfect for BEFORE you walk into a restaurant, doctor's office, etc.

 #HerHealth, #shop

I found just about everything I needed to make my Pregnancy On The Go Kit in Walgreens.  They've got lots of things for women's health...regardless of whether you're a preggo, a new mom or someone who is just trying to bring health to the forefront of your brain.  Sometimes I forget just how much neat stuff they have AND that their toy aisle actually has hidden gems that other stores I frequent do not.  Like fifty cent punch balloons that bring hours of joy...

Think you might want to make your own pregnancy on the kit for yourself or a friend?  You can pin the image below and you'll have this idea saved for when you're ready!

Mommy Testers, Pregnancy on the go kit, pregnancy essentials kit, #HerHealth, #shop

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