June 26, 2014

20 Minutes For Me Kit - A DIY Relaxation Kit from Whole Foods Market

I created my 20 Minutes For Me Kit, a DIY relaxation kit as part of a sponsored post for Whole Foods #WFMSummerFun It's perfect for those in need of a little escape.

Do you know someone who can use a little escape from their day?  I can think of about 17 close friends that fall into that category.  This week I was thinking about the future and how little time I'll have to do girly things, you know, like taking a shower that ends with lotion application.  Thus my creation of the 20 Glorious Minutes For Me kit.  It's the perfect gift to yourself or to a friend to make and let them stash away until they desperately need that 20 minutes of sanity time.

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If you're like me then you are quickly becoming more and more aware of what you put into your body and what you put on your skin.  Because the reality is that there is some pretty nasty stuff out there lurking in brands that try to appear safe.  Don't even get me started on how I feel about that.  Which is why I recently headed to Whole Foods La Jolla to learn more about their body/beauty products and to understand what their standards are like.

I won't lie, I was impressed and surprised.  Impressed because upon arrival a few other ladies and I were shown the absolutely ginormous list of ingredients that are simply NOT allowed in any body product on the shelves of Whole Foods.  I kid you not, it was at least 5 pages long.

Mommy Testers, 20 minutes for me kit, DIY relaxation kit, whole foods bodycare, #WFMSummerFun,

Surprised because I think it's safe to say that a lot of people have the conception that Whole Foods = expensive.  What I didn't realize was that there are actually a ton of products in the body care section that are very reasonably priced or dare I say kinda cheap (Like this 365 shampoo) compared to what I might shell out for a product in a big box store.  You know, one that's playing the all natural card, but maybe isn't so natural after all.

Okay, so back to my little kit.  I picked up a slew of fun products that I thought would be nice for some ME time.  A relaxing scented shampoo, a CRAZY good smelling bar of soap and a scented candle for starters. I kid you not, I stood in the body care aisle for a freakishly long time smelling this soap.  This is the soap you want to keep to yourself and never let your kids touch.  It smells like it should cost $12 but it's actually less than $3.

Mommy Testers, 20 minutes for me kit, DIY relaxation kit, whole foods bodycare, #WFMSummerFun,

Speaking of letting your kids touch stuff.  I know, this is supposed to be about ME and YOU.  But inevitably it goes back to the kids somehow.  Let's talk nail polish.  The brand Mineral Fusion was showing off their products at Whole Foods while I was there. Their products are for adults and not kids but I discovered that their nail polish is about as close as you can get to those super safe kiddie nail polishes without being totally water based. Which I like, because in my experience the water based stuff just sort of peels off after a couple of days. And then I want to scream.  Because who has time to paint nails and has kids?  And inevitably wind up painting their kids' nails?

Mommy Testers, 20 minutes for me kit, DIY relaxation kit, whole foods bodycare, #WFMSummerFun,

Also in my kit are some organic cotton balls.  Another good point was made which I never gave much thought to.  Okay, sometimes we buy organic cotton baby clothes.  But because cotton is a crop that isn't produced for human consumption, legally it's allowed to be sprayed with all kinds of scary chemicals.  And then we rub it on our faces and bodies when removing makeup, applying lotion, etc.  Oh.  Right.

And to avoid that last minute dash to the pharmacy when you realize you don't have nail polish remover and you wind up with the nasty acetone filled stuff from the 90's I picked up this Mineral Fusion acetone free nail polish remover.  Even just the way the other stuff smells screams "don't use me" so I don't know why so many of us have for years.

Mommy Testers, 20 minutes for me kit, DIY relaxation kit, whole foods bodycare, #WFMSummerFun, Whole Foods body coupon, whole foods san diego coupon

I did the unthinkable and stuck all of my amazing treasures in a neat little pouch and put it away.  Because I have a feeling that very (very) soon I will be a sleep deprived new mom all over again, just hoping to sneak in that coveted shower in peace.  And at that moment, this will be the best gift ever.  You know, besides the baby.

Think you might want to make your own kit?  If you're a San Diego local  - my store is La Jolla! Then I think you might want to take advantage of this Whole Foods body care deal this Friday, June 27th. Just print out this coupon (1 per customer) and all of their body care products will be 25% off.  And you can pick up a yummy dinner.  And buy the groceries you were supposed to buy today but didn't.  I'm just saying...

Want to make my 20 minutes for me kit, but you're not quite ready?  You can pin the image below and it will be waiting for you whenever the time is right!

Mommy Testers, 20 minutes for me kit, DIY relaxation kit, whole foods bodycare, #WFMSummerFun,

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