April 7, 2014

A Little Ones Baby Registry + Pre Baby Bonding Time

This weekend I had a little girl's day and made a Kohl's Little Ones baby registry as part of a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and their advertiser.  

Time is flying and suddenly that teeny tiny blip on an ultrasound is just a few months away from being a son, a grandson, a baby brother, and most importantly a second chance for Craig and I to experience being the parents of a little baby.  Hopefully under much less stressful conditions.  Which brings me to my next stress point.  Oh yeah, it's been 5+ years since we had a baby

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Annnnnd of course I bought a whole lot of pink last time around.  Genius, I know.  I'm flattered that we have such awesome friends and family who have been on me about a baby registry, a baby shower, a sprinkle or really any way to spoil and celebrate this child.  So it's time to sit down and actually figure out what we need the second time around and how I feel about a second baby celebration.

Did I mention that the stars must be aligning because just last week my parents made the huge move from New York to SoCal and now live driving distance from us?  That alone called for a bit of celebration.  And I know that last time around my mom must have had a bit of a heavy heart not being able to participate in most of the baby prep and festivities for what was her very first grandchild.

Mommy Testers, Kohl's Little Ones registry, baby registry party,

Most of my favorite memories with my mom and sisters involve sitting around a table working on a project and just spending time together.  So I figured that spending an afternoon with her and Kayla working on a baby registry and a craft project and simply being together would make for an excellent first Sunday on the west coast.

Mommy Testers, crepe paper tassels

I couldn't help but get a head start on a Little Ones registry at Kohl's and these cute tassel garlands.  What most people don't realize is just how easy these garlands are to make.  What I didn't realize was just how much (and what neat brands) Kohl's has.  If you're like me and you've strolled through Kohl's a handful of times, but it's not a weekly destination for you then you'll probably be surprised to find out that they have a massive online selection of baby clothes and gear that you won't find in the stores.

Mommy Testers, Kohl's Little Ones registry, baby registry party,

Like the very adorable Zutano for Aden + Anais collection.  I can't lie, I've been crushing on these prints since I found out we were entering boyville.  Not to mention plenty of eco-conscious products like organic changing pads and super sleek baby gear like Boon products.  There is also what I found to be a more extensive selection of very reasonably priced Carter's clothing than the actual Carter's store.  I'm a sucker for fashion, but not for the $75 baby outfit.  And these terry Sleep and Plays make for the best baby snuggles.

One thing that is an absolute must is a new infant car seat.  If there is one thing I believe in spending money on and keeping up with new technology in it's car seats.  After buying a Bugaboo with Kayla and then realizing I'd be pushing 50 pounds of stroller and baby up the mountain we live on I got smart.   This time around, we're going with a lightweight stroller and the one I have in mind works with this new Click Connect car seat.

Mommy Testers, Kohl's Little Ones registry, baby registry party,

Setting up a registry was very easy and just took a minute on the Kohl's site.  I just entered some basic information and preferences.  You can choose whether to keep your registry public or private and even whether you want to be able to see what has been purchased or keep it a surprise.  If it's your first baby registry rodeo there is a helpful checklist to figure out what you need.  Gift givers get a 20% discount if they wind up spending over $100 in store and they can use their Kohl's Cash as well.  There's also a generous 15% registry completion discount.  It seems 10% is the standard, so this is a nice little bonus!

Mommy Testers, crepe paper tassel garland

After I got the initial setup of my Little Ones registry done, I hung up this mini garland and set up a little table for two of the most important ladies in my life.  Oh, and there were donuts.  Lots of them.

Mommy Testers, Donut tower

They were mini donuts and the baby made me do it.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it.  I received no complaints from this girl.  She was pretty excited about the sparkling apple cider and orange juice too.

Mommy Testers, Kohl's Little Ones registry, baby registry party,

And then we girls did what we do best.  We went shopping!  Right from the comfort of my donut filled living room.

Mommy Testers, Kohl's Little Ones registry, baby registry party,

Where we quickly picked out some very cute things and what we really need most for this second time around baby - clothes!  It was a lot of fun and even our little mini celebration made me realize that unlike last time when at 20 weeks I found out that our baby would likely have a birth defect, this time is different.  The weight I felt on my shoulders for many months with Kayla just waiting to find out if she would need surgery and then going through that nightmare is not there.

Mommy Testers, Kohl's Little Ones registry, baby registry party,

So this time around I've made myself a promise that I'll relax more, enjoy this time, eat the occasional donut relatively guilt free and celebrate the second chance at motherhood, which I was pretty sure I wouldn't have.

Mommy Testers, Kohl's Little Ones registry, baby registry party,

It also puts a big smile on my face to see that someone is coming around and dare I say getting excited about being a big sister?  She says that this kind of monster is allowed in our house.  Just not the "under the bed kind."

Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging (too long) I promise to share how I make those awesome tassels with you very soon!
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