March 27, 2014

Ergobaby 360 Carrier + Baby Bloggy Boot Camp

I recently checked out the new Ergobaby 360 carrier and Ergobaby swaddler at Baby Bloggy Boot Camp.  This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and ErgobabyProduct was provided. 

A little while back, I had the rare pleasure of attending a conference that didn't require me to travel.  Which was great.  Oh, and it was filled with crazy CUTE babies.  Which makes sense since it's called Baby Bloggy Boot Camp.  I present exhibit A:

So obviously she's not mine. Which stinks.  However, this little piece of adorableness did come and stay with me along with her awesome mom, Angela.  And I might have made up every possible excuse in the book to hold her and feel that snuggly little still-pretty-new-baby feel.

What happens at Bloggy Baby Boot Camp?  You might be wondering if it's a bunch of babies doing pushups while their paparazzi-like blogger moms you know, blog about it.  It's not.  In fact it's a pretty nice crash course in getting the most out of your blog if your niche falls into the baby or small child realm.  It was lovely to hear from true leaders in the game like Whitney and Heather from Rookie Moms.  I had the chance to get some time with them the night before the conference and well, they're not just incredibly knowledgeable they're also pretty darn awesome.

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And if you've even considered having a baby anytime in the last 5 years you're probably very familiar with the brand Ergobaby.  I kick myself for not doing all of my homework the first time around and going with another carrier for Kayla in the beginning.  By the time I caught on to the Ergobaby line of carriers she was on her way out of that realm.

They showed off a neat new product - the Ergobaby 360 carrier which you'll start to see trickling into stores very soon.  What makes the Ergo 360 carrier a little different?  As the name suggests it allows you to wear your baby (like a fab accessory) in a variety of positions, including inward and outward facing, on your hip or even on your back for safety during things like cooking.

Mommy Testers, Ergobaby 360 Carrier, Ergobaby swaddler, Baby Bloggy Boot Camp,

Ergobaby sent me home with one of their 360 carriers and I practically DIED of shock when Craig said he wanted to try it out.  Angela and I had a good laugh watching him get snuggly with her little baby.  Please note that this is a man who is allergic to Babies R Us and declared that the very popular outward facing carrier we previously had was "unwearable" on day one.  Quite frankly, I could get used to this.  And I was slightly jealous of his extra snuggle time with the aforementioned cute baby.  Sue me, I've got babies on the brain.

Mommy Testers, Ergobaby 360 Carrier, Ergobaby swaddler, Baby Bloggy Boot Camp,

I'll also be the first to say that I'm not a huge fan of pre-swaddled swaddlers.  Generally speaking, I don't even give them a second glance.  Ergobaby has a new swaddler that shakes things up a bit.   There is some information out there that suggests babies need some ability to move their hips, but also still need their little arms confined to prevent moro reflex which is more commonly known as the startle reflex, Ergobaby came up with a solution.

Baby Bloggy Boot Camp, Ergobaby 360 Carrier, Ergobaby swaddler,

Ta da!  File under better mousetrap.  I am actually very excited to try out this version on our little guy this summer.  Leg mobility, arms still stuck in there and a crazy easy way to wrap them up with the elastic leg pouch.  It seems so easy to do that I wouldn't be shocked if Kayla was capable of swaddling her little brother with one of these.  Until then there will be lots of practice with our favorite green robot.

Mommy Testers, Jillian Warner

Because we've hit the halfway point to baby #2 who is still currently nameless (though I'm receiving some interesting suggestions) I thought I'd mark it with a picture. And also commemorate my very last pair of jeans that fit.  I think in another month or so I'll  finally be able to make use of the cute Liz Lange dress I picked up at Baby Bloggy Boot Camp.  If I don't buy this skirt first.
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