March 21, 2014

Disney FROZEN Popcorn, Parenting and Big Sisterhood

If you love Disney FROZEN then make this FROZEN Ice Princess Popcorn which I made as part of a sponsored post for #collectivebias and their advertiser #FROZENFun 

So I'm not going to act like you live under a rock and have no idea that this week FROZEN was released on DVD.  Cue the flocks of little girls dressed in blue tulle flooding the aisles of big box stores and singing Let It Go at the top of their lungs.  Okay, maybe that was just my kid. On the toilet.  While clutching the DVD case and refusing to...let it go...for even a second.  Sorry, I had to.

Mommy Testers, Disney FROZEN popcorn, FROZEN popcorn, DIY FROZEN Ice Palace

Despite the funny picture that was I decided not to give you that visual (you're welcome) and instead, I thought I would show you what we've been up to in our very FROZEN filled home.  As you might guess, there has been some sweet treat consumption.  I blame the baby for this.  

My tight reins on the sugar in this home are seemingly loose the last few weeks and we're not going to talk about what happened in the Easter candy section at Walmart the other day.  Except for these perfect baby blue (very FROZEN inspired) pretzel M&M's.  But wait a minute on that too.  First, let's talk about this child.  

Mommy Testers, Mommy Testers, DIY FROZEN Ice Palace

My curious, loving, precocious, totally crazy and sometimes a little too intuitive for her own good kind of child.  Who is not buying the whole rainbows and unicorns facade of big sisterhood.  Which both terrifies me and makes me love her even more.  I like a girl who questions things and makes her own observations and conclusions.

She's afraid of losing the spotlight.  She wonders what a two child household looks like.  Will it be even and fair?  Quite frankly, I find myself pondering the same thing.  Sibling relationships can be wonderful and also complicated.  I should know, I have three sisters.  The concept of divided time with mom is not foreign to me.

Mommy Testers, Mommy Testers, DIY FROZEN Ice Palace

So with just a few months to go of Kayla being a one and only we've been doing more things that are special and "just us."  Like making our DIY FROZEN ice palace fort on a rainy Sunday.  It rocked.  A couple of weeks later it's still holding court in the living room.

And when the day of our big 20 week-ish anatomy ultrasound rolled around and it just happened to be the day the FROZEN DVD was released I decided to bring home a couple of surprises for Kayla in the hopes of not making the day ALL about the new baby.

Mommy Testers, Mommy Testers, Disney FROZEN popcorn, FROZEN popcorn, Disney FROZEN DVD

Since Kayla always chooses to be Elsa I thought it would be a nice change to buy her an Anna dress and while I was checking those dresses out I saw this little baby Anna doll and thought that perhaps a younger sibling test drive dummy in FROZEN form might be appealing.

Mommy Testers, Mommy Testers, Disney FROZEN popcorn, FROZEN popcorn, Disney FROZEN DVD

I think baby Anna was a good decision.  She got a lot of cuddles while watching the movie from the comfort of her FROZEN Ice Palace Fort. We do have a little toy car seat I bought a while back for Kayla so I'm thinking about installing it in our car and letting Kayla really "help" be a big sister to Anna.  She seems excited about that idea.

Mommy Testers, Mommy Testers, Disney FROZEN popcorn, FROZEN popcorn, Disney FROZEN DVD

One thing I've noticed that sets grown men and little girls apart is how much they care about the size of the TV they watch something on.  Craig is a screen snob and Kayla was beyond excited when I told her she could watch FROZEN on her own little travel DVD player in the ice palace.

Mommy Testers, Mommy Testers, Disney FROZEN popcorn, FROZEN popcorn, Disney FROZEN DVD

And of course, as promised, let's talk about that candy.  Girlfriend was elated when I told her we were going to pop some popcorn in our newly acquired air popper.  Her eyes lit up when I brought it over to her and she realized I had added some ice blue colored Pretzel M&M's.  If you're looking for light blue candy or chocolate, then your timing is perfect because this is the perfect time of year while stores like Walmart are set with Easter candy.

Mommy Testers, Mommy Testers, Disney FROZEN popcorn, FROZEN popcorn, Disney FROZEN DVD

If you're thinking of nabbing a copy of FROZEN this week then you're in luck.  See the pricing shown below?  Well, the DVD version of FROZEN is on rollback for $14.96 which is perfect for our family since we already own a digital copy for our smart TV and this portable DVD player (which has served us well on road trips) doesn't take Bluray discs.

Disney FROZEN DVD at Walmart

If by chance you have an Eggo lover in your home who just can't Let (It) Go on their Eggo then you might want to know that if you pick up a specially marked 24 pack of Eggo waffles at Walmart you'll find a coupon for $5 off the FROZEN DVD.  Pretty sweet, right?

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