February 4, 2014

Starting Over - We're Having a BOY!

It's incredibly hard to keep a secret when a large part of your job is to be candid about what's going on in your life.  You feel torn, you feel like a bit of a liar and of course you feel like you just want to say it!  In the last couple of months I've found myself in this predicament for the first time and it's all but driven me crazy.  Now, finally I get to share the news that's been bottled up inside for 7 weeks and 4 days.  But who's counting?

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Thanks to the very lovely Michelle at The Suitcase Studio for capturing this moment!

After years of debating, pondering, financially questioning and basically flip flopping on the issue something gave and finally Craig and I found ourselves on the same scared yet excited page of YES, a second child would be a good idea.  If you're wondering how two full grown adults can be so scared at the idea of one small baby you must have missed all we went through with Kayla in the beginning.

But I think we've both managed to put aside all the memories of endless worry, torturous hospital visits, and relationship strain and just get over it.  Which is why I'm so excited that we will be welcoming a baby BOY (omg I don't even know what to do with a boy!) into our crazy little family in early August.  And maybe I'm a fool but I very optimistically believe this time will be different.  Or if nothing less, we're much better prepared to handle whatever comes our way.

Craig is secretly happy to have a buddy who might relate more to his love of sports.  I am thrilled at the idea of seeing two very different children grow up.  Kayla is both excited and disappointed "I wanted a sister."  Though I have reassured her that even a baby brother will totally want to play dress up with her.  Now I guess it's on me to find baby boy-ish dress up clothes or deal with a young cross dresser.

I'm so excited to share the obvious adventure this will be and of course my unavoidable missteps, and paranoias while continuing to sleuth out the best products and DIY (lots of baby ones!) for you.

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