February 28, 2014

Flutters and Jealousy and Toilet Locks, Oh My!

Recently I found myself sweating bullets in a friend's bathroom while battling a toilet lock with a 5 year old who REALLY had to go and experienced my first pang of second baby parental anxiety.  First of all, I play with baby gear and kids stuff for a living.  I should KNOW how to Houdini this thing.  Second, wait - I don't know how to use it because despite the incredible sense of paranoia that only a person who knows my father could truly understand, we never had toilet locks with Kayla.

Oh.  Were we supposed to do that? Bad parents? Parents who bucked the paranoia trend on one end? "Girl parents?"  I guess you could make the argument in a bunch of directions.  This story actually has nothing to do with baby proofing and everything to do with it at the same time.  Baby proofing my family.  And maybe the toilet?  Are boys more likely to go head first into a toilet?  Why am I even asking this?  We all know the answer to that is a resounding YES.  I'm fairly certain the term "swirly" was not coined by a woman.  

But my real concern is baby proofing my preschooler.  Because 2 weeks ago I started feeling real flutters, wiggles and activity going on in there.  A reminder that there is not only a cute little bundle of soon-to-be-pudgy-arms-and-cheeks in there, there's a person with needs that are going to most likely rock his sister's world.  And take over the most important square foot of territory in this house - my lap.

Also, Kayla is not two years old with the obvious feelings and display of emotion from being upset that mom's time is preoccupied.  She's old enough to stew, evaluate and develop true jealousy and resentment.  I should know.  Since I'm pretty certain I stopped talking for a good week in first grade when I was ousted from my long term place in the family...yet again, because my parents clearly wanted to ruin my life by having two more babies after me in just two years time.

And so it begins.  The months of mental preparation for Kayla to understand that this August our family will change, but it will be for the best.  Even thought it might not feel that way all of the time. My hope is that Craig and I will empower her enough to feel secure in her role in our family so as not to feel perpetually threatened by this new addition and at the same time avoid playing into every twang of jealousy she has.  If someone has the magic formula for that please share your wisdom with me!

Until then I'll have my head buried in the world of big sister raising and baby prep.  And  thankfully, I have a feeling those toilet locks are not making their way into our home.  Ever.  
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