January 3, 2014

Mommy Testers 2013 Highlights

Okay, wow.  I actually took a little break from writing for some holiday family time and am so excited (hello pent up creativity) to get back to showing you neat things in 2014.  But before I do that I figured it wouldn't be an official goodbye 2013 and hello 2014 without recapping some of the cool things that went on in the swirling hurricane which is my office...and takes over about half of our home depending on what I'm up to.  First of all there was fun(ny) stuff.

Now that we've gotten the obligitory my-family-is-so-refined-pic out of the way, there was food.  Some of it was healthy, like these Super Healthy Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers which continue to make their way around Pinterest despite my amateur photography skills at the time.

Mommy Testers Super Healthy Stuffed Peppers

Annnnd some of it wasn't.  Like these teacup cupcakes.  But they were damn cute, which almost totally makes up for the sugar high, right?

Mommy Testers Teacup Cupcakes

Oh, and they produced this face.  Which of course I thought was priceless.

Then there were crafty things.  2013 was the year that I realized you didn't have to be someone who grew up as the star art student to be creative and crafty.  I still can't draw much beyond a stick figure but  quickly found out that once you open your mind to actually being creative it's crazy what you might discover you're capable of.

We made some very standard preschool art like Dyed Pasta, but figured out how to make it look amazing with the right coloring.  I had a funny moment when my sister let me know that a friend of hers found this How To Make The Best Dyed Pasta post on Google and made it with her kids only to later realize that it was mine.  Kind of crazy!

Mommy Testers, how to make the best dyed pasta

Then I stepped things up a bit with this cool DIY Travel Activity Board that was made from just a cheap-o cutting board I found at Walmart.

Mommy Testers, DIY kids activity board

I found my undying love of crepe paper.  Seriously, my friends all make fun of me like we're in 7th grade but I can't help it, I love the stuff.  Yes, when I break a bone I'll probably be home trying to crepe paper it till I can get to the hospital.  Sick.  I know.  So are these DIY Crepe Paper Bowties.  They are so stinking easy to make and really cute.  Make them in any color you like!

Mommy Testers, DIY crepe paper bow ties

Then after declaring myself someone who could never make a homemade Halloween costume that would command any kind of respect (from myself or my picky 4 year old) I made these DIY Mermaid Leggings.  Bam! Hello glue gun!

Mommy Testers, DIY no sew Mermaid leggings

And sailed into Halloween with a costume that started as a joke when a friend challenged me to come up with something crazy made out of toilet paper.  Which lead me to this DIY Cupcake Costume made out of nothing more than paper and a glue stick.  Stay tuned for my DIY maxi pad costume next year.  I kid, I kid.  Maybe...

Mommy Testers, DIY paper cupcake costume

In just a week it was viewed by 20,000 people and even made it onto a homemade costume segment on Fox 5 San Diego.  Which is crazy...when you know, you declared yourself art-incapable just a year or two before.

And my fashion background made a few appearances on the site.  This was crazily both the most natural thing in the world and the hardest thing ever for me.  I love clothes.  Period.  But I definitely wasn't used to sharing lots of pictures of me wearing them with the world.  Which I got over.  Personal growth you could call it.  The most satisfying of which was getting featured on the searsStyle site for my DIY Studded Jacket.

Mommy Testers, DIY studded leather jacket

Oh and then there were about 7500 other amazing things, which I won't even try to list because well, it would be impossible.  I'll just say this.  2013 was the year that things went from hey, this could maybe possibly really be something to OMG this is my new life and career. I found friendships and bonds that  have truly altered my life.

I learned.  Oh boy I learned.  From some of the best in the business.  For which I'll always be grateful and never, ever forget.  I was busier than I could have ever imagined being and yet I never once hated what I was doing for a second because it was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

And for that I thank you.  A TON.  Because without you deciding that hey-that-girl-might-actually-make-some-interesting-things OR alternatively she-is-such-a-train-wreck-I-just-have-to-see-this none of this fabulous train wreck would be possible.  So thank you for a very inspiring 2013 and man I just can't wait to tell you what's happening in 2014. Hint - lots of awesome!
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