January 19, 2014

A Smart TV and a Safe TV Just in Time for Game Day - Picking Out the Best Electronics

I recently went on the hunt for a new home theater as part of a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias .  I scored some great deals on the best electronics at  Best Buy and am excited to share them with you #OneBuyForAll 

I am not a couponer, a point collector (airline miles aside) or some crazy frugalista. However, I do love to flex my online deal hunting skills once in a while.  Especially when it comes to big purchases because really, who likes to overpay or pay more than you really have to?  And with a quick Google search we consumers have so much information at our fingertips that even the laziest of bargain hunters can score.  Which is precisely what happened to me recently.  Times two.

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A week or so ago, I was given the opportunity to create a mini home theater makeover for Craig.  Which is kind of awesome.  As much as I may give him an earful, in the end he's still pretty much the best guy ever.  He's become an amazing father to one crazy little girl, an understanding and loving husband who lets me be me and just a damn good guy who spends his "free time" granting wishes for Make-A-Wish.  Basically, big TV in time for the big game = well deserved.

Mommy Testers, Best Buy, Home Theater, Best Electronics, #OneBuyForAll #cbias #shop

So with big TV's and smart TV's on the brain, we started doing some research using Best Buy's home theater buying guide.  For a TV buying novice like me it was nice to see tools to help figure out what the right kind of screen was to purchase based on where we'd use it.  I had surprised Craig with a 50" plasma flatscreen when we got married.  I purchased it at a warehouse store where purchasing help and advice is limited.

According to the guide, I learned it was 100% the wrong choice given that our sunny San Diego living room is often well, sun drenched.  An LED TV was a more appropriate choice for our home.  Good to know!  So we headed off to Best Buy one evening with a pajama clad child in tow.

Mommy Testers, Best Buy, Home Theater, Best Electronics, #OneBuyForAll #cbias #shop

We had some great customer service and were able to get help that's understandable to normal people.  You know, those of us who don't talk pixels and refresh rates all day for a living.  Having had a lot of success with Samsung TV's in the past Craig settled on a 55" Samsung smart TV.  My job was to whip out my iPhone and do some price comparing so we could take advantage of Best Buy's Low Price Guarantee.  In the end I saved us over $100 by finding the same TV on sale at that big box store you just dread going to.  Best Buy matched it on the spot.  THEN it actually went on sale at Best Buy today, $100 cheaper than my price match was for.  So I'll be taking my receipt back to the store tomorrow and getting my $100.  Yep, you can do that too.  Pretty awesome price protection!

I've always been an Amazon/Costo shopper when it comes to electronics. But with Best Buy's price matching policy I'd much rather go and see a wide variety of products in their showroom, get the appropriate help one might want when you're making a large purchase and have the option to have it delivered and installed all while getting the same price you would in a warehouse or online.  No brainer, right?

Mommy Testers, Best Buy, Home Theater, Best Electronics, #OneBuyForAll #cbias #shop

Best Buy was having a special on installation and mounting as well.  We checked out their accessories and I realized I was able to upgrade from a regular tilting mount to a full motion mount for just the price difference of the mount.   Well worth the cost to be able to watch from our kitchen....where I spend quite a bit of time.  With a small child and two huge dogs running amok, wall mounting seemed like a good option not just for viewing, but also for safety.

Mommy Testers, Best Buy, Home Theater, Best Electronics, #OneBuyForAll #cbias #shop

Where I can't sing enough praise is the Geek Squad.  I've gotta be honest.  My expectation for the Geek Squad was that they would be condescending with their geeky knowledge.  We all know that by and large techies tend to come off that way.  I was thoroughly wrong!  The duo that came to our home was beyond nice, knowledgeable and truly just wanted to make sure we were happy.  Had Craig and I tried to mount that TV ourselves, I can guarantee it would have ended in an argument and a broken TV.  We're handy like that.  So it was well worth the money spent.  The Geek Squad also hooked up our wireless Samsung sound bar (a must have for Craig) and made sure we both knew how to use the TV and sound bar before leaving.

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Which then left me to get back to doing what I do best.  Makin' stuff.  With Bravo in the background I got to work making some awesome game day projects because we're having a football viewing party with some of our close friends.  Here's a little teaser of some things to come and to get you on your way to a game day party.  I adore these SUPER easy DIY penalty flags.  Do it!  Make them!  Your kids (and husband) will love them.

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