December 19, 2013

10 Great Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers

Need a last minute holiday gift for a preschooler?  I've got 10 awesome gifts that you can STILL order, sit back, relax and have show up at your door in time for Christmas.  Santa owes you one!
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If you have Amazon Prime, this is when it's a lifesaver.  I've used mine more recently than I'd like to admit. So here goes!

1) Swish Junior  -  I love this game for the way it makes your child think!  Left brain?  Right brain?  I'm not totally sure but I'm pretty positive it's like sit-ups for your kid's noggin as they try to figure out how to match up cards to fill the shape outlines with the coordinating shape. Check out Swish Junior

2) Mudpuppy Puzzles - They have super cute designs, are well made and it shows.  The pieces fit together perfectly to minimize preschooler frustration.  I love that they make 42 piece puzzles which are the perfect size for a 4-5 year old.  The sturdy box with a handle is perfect for not-so-gentle hands.    Check out Mudpuppy Puzzles

3) Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet - I've mentioned before that I think this toy makes a great gift and after watching 3 little girls ages 2-4 be amused for an incredibly long time (and nearly fight over the pieces because they loved it so much) I can say that this one stays on my list.  I also love that Green Toys are made from recycled plastic and the pieces have a very nice weight to them.

4) Timex Time Teacher Watch - This is the perfect age to start learning to tell time.  This watch runs about $15, has an elastic band to stay on little wrists and have hands that are clearly marked minute and hour.

5) Plan Toys Fairy Tale Blocks - Seriously, these are so cute, made from responsibly harvested wood and are colored with non-toxic dyes.  We're HUGE Plan Toys fans and they have a more manly castle version too!

6) Lego Young Builders Sets - There are a variety of options geared towards boys and girls.  The sets are easy enough that you won't wind up being the one doing all the building like I did last year with our giant Lego Police Station.  It said ages 6-12.  Trust the ages they put on the box!

7) Gummy Bear Night Light - I'm not going to pretend it's something new, but it sure is cute!  Kayla shares Craig's gummy anything obsession and isn't it tough to find good night lights?

8) Travel Tangoes - Perfect for travel and dining out.  It's all about entertainment to prevent you from being "those loud people" This simple classic toy makes a perfect educational stocking stuffer.

9) Mini Kick Scooter - I'm not going to lie.  We've had one for a long time and I tend to ride it around the house sometimes when Kayla's at school and I just need to step away from the computer for a minute in order to not go blind.  You lean to make it turn and the Mini Kick it just feels way more high quality than some of the other brands out there.

10) Face Paint - Kids love the stuff and wouldn't it be cool to learn to master it on your own so you don't get stuck forking over an insane amount of money at a theme park or special event?  Face paint is numero uno on Kayla's list and Santa will be surprising her with this great set.

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