October 1, 2013

Jillian Warner from Mommy Testers

Jillian Warner, Mommy Testers Blog,

Hi, I'm Jillian Warner!  I'll spare you from having to read about me in the third person because, well you know it's me writing this, right?

My blog, Mommy Testers is about neat finds in the baby and kids world, DIY anything-you-can-think-of that seems easy and fun and of course some things that are just for the grown ups like great tech items, neat travel destinations, beauty and fashion finds.  Basically, it's things I happen to think are pretty cool and you might want to know about.  Oh, and I always try to do it in big, beautiful photos because really, isn't that what half of this whole Internet thing is about?

I am a fashion industry veteran who traded the garment district of NYC for coastal San Diego living.  My family consists of my sports loving husband Craig, our daughter Kayla (born 2009) our son Blake (born 2014) and two rescue dogs, Charger and Stella.

I started Mommy Testers as a way to share what I learned as a parent while navigating the world of kid stuff and it evolved into so much more.  These days I still write all of my content and though I don't frequently talk about it on my blog, I also oversee and work with hundreds of well known, quality bloggers across the country by consulting for marketing companies in the influencer space.

If you're a reader, you'll be happy to know that I am about as picky as they come (just ask my family, they'll confirm) and do my best to only show you products I think are awesome.

If you're a brand or a member of the PR world, then I would love for you to know that:
  • I have a passion for creativity and always come up with something interesting.  Please browse around and see how I work with products.  
  • In keeping with the above, I don't participate in any kind of copy/paste mass press release stuff.  Yep, it's all written by me, all the time. 
  • I do accept samples to share my thoughts with readers on, but it has to be something I really think my readers want to see and I would personally use and love.
  • I keep giveaways to the bare minimum.  My readers are not particularly motivated by free stuff and neither am I. 
I have worked with a ton of brands both big and small. What's most important to me is finding a product or cause that fits my site. 

My work has been featured on Buzzfeed, Babble, Huffington Post, the searsStyle Blog, Fox5 San Diego, the Wells Fargo blog and many other places around the web as well as in print.  I hold a few ambassadorships with brands I adore and I've found that these long term relationships tend to be great for all parties involved.  If that's something you're looking for I would love to hear from you and of course I adore coming up with creative ways to work together.  

Thanks so much and you can reach me anytime at jillian (at) mommytesters (dot) com

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