September 18, 2013

The New Beats Studio Headphones - Finding Stylish Sanity. Finally.

I checked out the new  Beats by Dre Beats Studio headphones from Best Buy recently and am sharing my thoughts on them as a blogger and a mom as part of a sponsored post for  Collective Bias®

I'll never forget when the holidays rolled around during the first year Craig and I were dating.  There is no gift giving pressure quite like that very first gift for someone you are in a relationship with.  I mean, except for engagement ring pressure...but that's a story for an entirely different day.

Mommy Testers new beats studio headphones, beats by dre, headphones for bloggers, #shop #cbias

With the air in Manhattan getting chilly and gingerbread lattes everywhere you looked, I remember 23 year old me gabbing with a girlfriend over brunch one lazy Sunday.  What would I get him for a holiday gift?  Cashmere sweat pants for lounging around? Tickets to the Chargers vs Broncos game? What did I hope he would get for me?  Jewelry was out.  I worked for a jewelry designer and had my own very distinct style.  As a Vogue toting, Chloe loving, Intermix shopping kind of girl, I imagined Craig would look to the pages of People Style Watch for inspiration.  Either that or my friend, the assistant shoe buyer at Saks.  Whichever.

So my heart dropped when I unwrapped a pair of noise cancelling headphones.  A very nice pair, mind you.  The kind that every businessman I'd wind up sitting next to on my endless laps back and forth across the country was wearing.  I hated them.  I hated the fact that they were manly feeling, found in SkyMall near the ridiculous things like pet ramps and funky garden hose accessories and most importantly, not even remotely close to fashionable.  Immature?  Yes.  Ungrateful?  Definitely. Remorseful?  Still to this day.

Mommy Testers new beats studio headphones, beats by dre, headphones for bloggers, #shop #cbias

Fast forward a bunch of years and I think about those headphones every once in a while.  Most noticeably when flying on a plane childless with a crying baby behind me.  Also when I wear earbuds, which never seem to fit my ears quite right and are uncomfortable after about 5 minutes. Which made me curious about Beats by Dre.  It would be hard to not have heard about them.  I mean they are basically the iPhone of headphones.  

Since I like to think I'm a bit wiser, far more practical and still as stylish as 23 year old me I decided to treat myself to a pair of the newly redesigned Beats Studio headphones recently while shopping at Best Buy.  After all, this month marks the one year anniversary of me kissing my fashion industry job goodbye and calling the world of blogging and social media consulting my "real" job.  In retrospect, I can't think of a more appropriate gift than these new Beats Studio headphones as someone seeking concentration and sanity in a world filled with distractions and alerts that pop up on every piece of technology I own.

Mommy Testers new beats studio headphones, beats by dre, headphones for bloggers, #shop #cbias

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, text messages, phone calls, Google Calendar alerts.  It's a miracle that anyone in this industry can actually focus enough to write or edit.  Which technically is what most of my job is really about.  I haven't even mentioned the adorable yet demanding 4 year old or the two energetic dogs bouncing around our home.  I have learned to turn the WiFi off on my MacBook but there is no muting the other forces at bay in our home.  Beyond the fact that they happen to look cool and well way less old man-ish than the "headphones of shame" I like the Beats Studio approach to noise cancellation.

There are two modes of noise cancellation.  I shall refer to them as "I want to listen to Adam Levine but hear if my child has fallen and is screaming bloody murder " and "goodbye background noise."  That's right, the Beats headphones don't completely cancel out noise in my opinion.  They let just enough in that you can focus on what you are doing but not be utterly deaf to the world around you.  Which is important when you're a parent.

Mommy Testers new beats studio headphones, beats by dre, headphones for bloggers, #shop #cbias

My favorite feature on the Beats Studio headphones is the ability to temporarily silence your music with the touch of a finger so you can hear if someone is calling your name.   I can't tell you how many false  alarms I have when listening to music where I think I hear Kayla or Craig calling me.  Rather than removing your headphones entirely you just hit the button on the right side the the headphones and the noise cancellation or music dims out for a few seconds.  It's a nice change from ripping an earbud out to then have to shove it back in a few seconds later.

And I'm pretty excited about the Beats Pill, which is one of the most portable, aesthetically pleasing speakers I've seen in recent history.  It even lets you answer calls to your cell phone right through the speaker.  You know, if you're the kind of person that loses their phone constantly...somewhere within their own office.  I certainly don't know anyone like that.  I swear.  And I'm not hinting at what Craig should get me this year for the holidays.  Not even a little bit. 
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