September 20, 2013

The Little Mermaid Craft Party + DIY Mermaid Leggings

We had a DIY The Little Mermaid craft party inspired by Kayla's favorite Disney Princess, Ariel.  We made so many great things as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Okay, I'm being sarcastic.  It's totally not.   If your house is anything like mine then this is the time of year when you become a widow to fantasy football.  This weekend, rather than letting the constant shouting of "go, go, go, go, go" and "TOUCHDOWN" drive me bonkers I decided to focus that energy towards finding something really fun to do with Kayla and that's precisely how we wound up having a Little Mermaid craft party.

The Little Mermaid craft party with DIY Little Mermaid party decorations #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

Disney Princesses and especially Ariel have staying power in our home.  I don't think there has ever been a licensed character who has held Kayla's attention for this long so with the release of The Little Mermaid on Blu-Ray pending and lots of new Little Mermaid merchandise pouring into stores I figured why not?  As you probably know, both Kayla and I have a crafty side so I'm not quite sure who was more excited about decorating and crafting.

The Little Mermaid craft party with DIY Little Mermaid party decorations, DIY Little Mermaid party banner, #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

Kayla slept in on Sunday morning.  Doesn't that always happen when you really want them to be awake?  While she was snoozing I started making this little banner.  Of course, it's made of crepe paper, because I have a freakish obsession with crepe paper.  I wound up with 2 shades of green and thought alternating them gave a cool effect.  I then folded a long strip of pink crepe paper in half and twisted it into a couple of flowers to finish off our banner.  You know, Ariel always has pretty flowers sticking out of her hair or just hanging around.  I guess that's what life is like when you're a mermaid and a princess.  

The Little Mermaid craft party with DIY Little Mermaid party decorations, DIY Little Mermaid tablecloth, #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

Kayla loved that banner when she saw it and of course wanted to know when she would get to make one.  So we made this cute tablecloth inspired by my friend Tonia.  Same concept, just alternating shades of green crepe paper that I had cut the edges a bit to look like kelp.  Kayla helped me line them up on a piece of tape and then we used glue spots to stick them to the tablecloth.  After we got dressed, we headed to the bay by our home to hunt for seashells and came home with a bucket full of them.  I washed them with hot soap and water and let them dry so they could be painted.  Obviously, the only thing better than finding seashells is painting them a rainbow of colors.  

The Little Mermaid craft party with DIY Little Mermaid party decorations, #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

While I was washing the shells I gave Kayla the task of punching some pink paper with a little star shaped punch to make table scatter for our table.  It was the perfect task for a 4 year old and kept her occupied long enough for me to whip up a special treat.  When the shells were dried we set up some little paint trays and I took a couple of inexpensive red paintbrushes from Walmart and covered them in washi tape to make them feel more festive.  I had found this Sebastian plush animal at Walmart while shopping and knew that my child who could care less about dolls would love it.  

The Little Mermaid craft party with DIY Little Mermaid party decorations #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

Then it was finally time to paint!  Kayla was beyond excited because she enjoys any reason to make a mess in the name of art.  I was excited because I had an idea of what to do with some of the shells after.  And Craig was kind enough to stop yelling at the TV for a couple of minutes and capture the moment.  

The Little Mermaid craft party with DIY Little Mermaid party decorations #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

After painting came a lengthy drying time, especially for the rainbow shells that Kayla created.  Who's to tell a 4 year old they can't glob on the paint?   I don't know about your home, but hand washing is a battle in mine.  However, little miss was all too excited to wash hers when she saw this Little Mermaid soap I had made.  I just took a couple of the figurines that came in the Little Mermaid playset we got a Walmart and popped them into a bottle of foaming hand soap after ripping off the label.  

Mommy Testers DIY Little Mermaid soap #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

It took just a couple of minutes to do and a week later I am still reaping the rewards!  I highly recommend trying this with your child's favorite character.  After washing hands we got to the good stuff.  You know I keep things pretty healthy in our home but I also come from a long line of Rice Krispie treat artists.  While Kayla was punching out stars I threw together a batch of Rice Krispie treats and molded it into the shape of a starfish cake.  I kid you not, the whole ordeal took less than 10 minutes.  Try beating that timeline with a traditional cake!  And of course, kids go nuts for these.  Ursula, also from our Little Mermaid playset seemed like the perfect cake topper and Kayla was super into her sparkly tentacles.  

Mommy Testers Little Mermaid Cake, Rice Krispie treat cake, starfish cake #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

While Kayla ate and she attempted to negotiate her way to a second helping (not happening, kid) I grabbed a little barrette of hers and hot glued a sparkly painted seashell to it.  She was delighted and said it looked like Ariel's.  I'll run with that...  I had forgotten just how fantastic and fast hot glue is.  And then I had a thought.  

Mommy Testers DIY Little Mermaid shell barettes #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

 I had imagined making some DIY mermaid leggings for Kayla because she absolutely loves dressing like a mermaid but can't wear her dress-style costumes to school or when the temperature drops.  So in one of those inspired moments that still surprises me considering my ten years of living in excel spreadsheets I popped Kayla in the car and headed off to buy some supplies.  

Mommy Testers DIY Little Mermaid leggings costume  #DisneyPrincessPlay #shop #cbias

We had an extra pair of leggings in her size at the house so all we needed was some felt to cut into scales.  Believe it or not, the tulle you see at the bottom of the leggings is leftover from one of our Disney Princess Dream Party decorations. Want to know how to make your own mermaid leggings? Check out my DIY mermaid leggings post

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