September 5, 2013

Get yourself a Dammit Doll. You know you need one.

I'm not going to pretend the Dammit Doll is brand new or that I discovered it.  Nope it's been around for a while but I've never felt the urge to buy one until recently.  Which is odd because I've let out more than my fair share of sighs, eye rolls and "No he/she did-unt" in my day.  Let's face it. We all have stress in our lives and people handle it differently.  Some people punch walls.  Some people bottle it up and require prescriptions.  Some people take to Facebook and write obscure messages.  None of which are my style.

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I'm more of an inhale, exhale, laugh at the situation, maybe whine for a moment privately and move on kinda girl.  So are most of my friends.  But every once in a while, man you just need an outlet!  And that is where the Dammit Doll comes in.

It's a doll meant to take some abuse.  Entirely behind closed doors and away from your kids of course...even though they may be the ones that drive you to use it!  Each one is sewn from a cute fabric and there are a variety of print options to suit all personalities.  I chose this one for a very special friend.  She's been incredibly supportive, challenges me and is just an all around great person who I happen to think needs deserves a Dammit Doll of her own.  She's got a lot going on, dammit!

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So if you've ever found yourself in the scenario of needed to smack something and/or say dammit (and really, who hasn't?)  You may want to consider finding your 15 seconds of sanity and an excuse to follow instructions and say "Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!!"

I won't judge.  Or tell.  You can find your favorite pattern of Dammit Dolls and yes, I think I know what I'll be distributing en mass this holiday season!
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