August 8, 2013

Should I take my child to Disney Planes? Yep. Even in 3D.

On Monday Kayla and I were treated to an early screening of Disney Planes.  The novelty of seeing a movie before all of her friends from school flew over her head (thankfully) but she was excited for a special night of popcorn and staying up late with me.  I on the other hand had my concerns.  As a self declared over protective parent; especially when it comes to movies and television I wished for the reassurance of other parents who had seen the movie to tell me it was A-okay for my slightly sheltered 4 year old.

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As we were just about to walk in I was handed 3D glasses and a new wave of worry flushed over me.  We've never been to a 3D movie before.  Craig won't see them under the assumption that they are very much like an IMAX movie and he'd get nauseous.  Wrong!  They're SO not intense at all.  Slightly more depth to the images but it's not like things are popping out at you in an aggressive way.  

Anyway, back to the movie itself.  I guess this time around I'll be the one to tell others that I worried over nothing.  There are a slew of celebrity voiceovers connected with this movie, but if you're like me then that's not really what matters.

Disney Planes, Should I take my child to Disney Planes, Disney Planes preschool, Is Disney Planes scary? Is Disney Planes okay for preschooler

I'm guessing these are the things you care about...

Should I take my young child? 

Yes, take your child because it is actually a very cute movie with a great message about following your dreams, teamwork, and learning to rise above being teased by others.  Those all sound like good things to reinforce, right? 

Even in 3D?

Well that depends on your child.  The real question is if your child is capable of keeping a pair of glasses on their face for the whole movie.  Since Kayla loves herself some sunnies we didn't have a problem.  If your kid isn't so comfortable with that then see the regular version.  If they take their glasses off the screen will be blurry and you will both be miserable.

Anything I should do to prepare them?

Here's a little secret.  I didn't get a chance to do it for this movie because we were seeing a preview before it hit theaters but I often buy the abridged children's book of the movie we will see and read it to Kayla before we go to see it in the theater so I can answer her questions ahead of time rather than her asking them (loudly) during the movie.  You can pick up this Disney Planes book for under $4 that will save you a few shushes during the film.  

Does it spoil things a bit - maybe.  But with young kids I've learned they like the repetition of the familiar more than the shock of something new.  I mean why have you watched the same (insert mind numbing episode of show here) 45 times.  

Will they be scared? 

Honestly, I doubt it.  I really don't think there are any truly scary parts of Planes.  There are a few moments of "stress" for Dusty the cute little crop duster who so desperately wants to be a racing plane.  However there are no scary monsters, things lurking or real moments of violence....which I LOVE.  

Were you bored out of your mind as a parent?

Nope.  The movie was engaging for all ages.  In the typical kiddie movie style there are also little nuggets of humor designed to go right over the heads of the children and make the adults laugh.  Without giving away too much I'll say that Dusty's friend Chupacabra, who is a fiery and hopeless romantic with a racy accent provides the adults with plenty of laughs.  

Is it too long for a preschooler?  

No Titanic length film here.  Planes comes in just around an hour and half.  There was a moment in the middle where Kayla got slightly restless and came to sit on my lap.  Most likely this was my punishment for not showing her too many full length films before.  Unlike many movies I've seen before I didn't find myself checking the time or thinking how much longer. 

Will my child get it? 

Most likely.  Obviously like any movie there are different levels of comprehension.  At 4 years old Kayla got the basic storyline, understood the characters and who we were rooting for etc.  Some of the complexities of issues like broken trust and letdown were too complicated for her but the way they were presented did not leave her confused and in need of explanation.  Overall it wound up being a movie about facing fears and making friends in Kayla's eyes and that was just fine by me.

Oh and now we totally have to go buy her a Disney Planes Dusty because she is totally in love.  I have my eyes on this Disney Planes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper Plane because it looks like SO much fun.  Read: I really want to play with it myself!

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