August 26, 2013

Raise a fantastic flyer with Disney Planes

Did you see this DIY travel busy board? We love Disney Planes and this week I checked out some toys as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® which Kayla was all too excited about! #WorldofCars #cbias

It's no secret that Kayla has been a frequent flyer her whole life.  Much like Dusty from Disney Planes we have done some long haul flights.  It was scary at first, but at this point San Diego to New York is a piece of cake and I'm seriously considering taking her on the 15 hour flight to Australia once again.  Yes, I have secrets to travel success with young children and YES I am definitely going to share them with you.  I'll even show you how to make this super cute DIY travel busy board!

Disney Planes DIY Airplane entertainment busy board for kids DIY travel board  #worldofcars #shop #cbias

A couple of weeks ago Kayla and I were treated to a special Disney Planes screening.  In short, I'm a lifelong children's movie skeptic but a fan of Planes for the great morals it teaches and lack of unnecessary scary stuff other movies tend to include.  Why yes, I'm a bit of a helicopter mom.  However, as protective as I am of my one and only I like to think I am just as cognisant of those around us.

Especially when stuck in a metal tube at 30,000 feet for multiple hours.  Kids are energetic, loud and restless which obviously makes them perfect for sticking in a seat and telling them to be still and quiet.  NOT.  So here are a few things I've figured out along the way to ensure that when deplaning you have strangers saying "what a well behaved child" instead of giving you the stink eye and pursed lips.

Disney Planes Bulldog diecast plane toy #worldofcars #shop #cbias

Talk to your child about how flying feels

It seems simple but a little preparation goes a long way.  Sit down with your child even if they are two years old and explain the process of going through the airport, waiting in the plane for take off, going down the runway quickly and how the plane will go up in the air.  If they know this in advance they will be expecting it and way less freaked out when it happens.  

Show them how it works

Here is where a visual aid goes a long way.  If your child isn't familiar with planes get them a little toy plane that they can play with in advance.  You can choose a plush toy for a very young child or a figurine like these Disney Planes Dusty and Bulldog planes I picked up for Kayla.  Choose something that is small enough to take on your trip and it will double up for entertainment during those agonizing waits in the terminal to board.

Let them practice moving the plane quickly for takeoff and then up high in the air.  If you teach them the features of the plane then they will be interested while on it and you can spend lots of time pointing out all the cool features on the safety instructions.  Yep, wipe that down with a baby wipe and it's a free source of entertainment.  I added these little intersecting runways on our busy board as a tool for explaining why planes have to wait their turn to take off.  It also extends the fun with those little diecast planes!

Disney Planes DIY Airplane entertainment busy board for kids DIY travel board  #worldofcars #shop #cbias

Apologize before things happen on the plane

This may sound weird but when I get on the plane and get situated with whomever will be near Kayla and I while flying I give them the old "I'm so sorry you got stuck near us" 20 second speech in advance.  It comes along with an "I'll do my best to keep her nice and quiet." I can't tell you how far this goes!  Because before your child has a chance to bother anyone you've already let them know you're one of the considerate parents.  Don't we all wish there were more considerate parents like you?  

Have your bag of quiet tricks ready

A couple of flights ago the woman sitting next to us called me Mary Poppins the entire flight because things kept appearing from my bag to keep Kayla entertained.  I dug it.  The real key to flying with young kids is having enough good quiet entertainment options available to them and producing them one at a time.  I often bring things like small containers of Play-Doh, stickers, finger puppets, little action figures.  They don't take up a lot of space and rotated around will get you through the flight.

Disney Planes DIY Airplane entertainment busy board for kids DIY travel board  #worldofcars #shop #cbias

Make this busy board.  It rocks.

I love this little DIY travel busy board because it's compact yet filled with fun.  In case you haven't noticed by now, it's nothing more than an inexpensive cutting board I found at Walmart while picking up some Planes toys for Kayla. With a few modifications it totally does the trick and is the perfect size for a small child to manage.  The handle means they can carry it all by themselves through the airport and the Velcro keeps the markers and pad in place no matter how they hold it.  You'll also be grateful when you're not bending under seats at odd angles trying to pick up markers off the floor.

You'll also quickly realize that most tray tables were not designed to be reached by a small child.   So it's very hard to have them safely buckled in their seat and able to use the tray table.  You can take the marker and pad off of this board and voila!  You've  got a snack tray that 10,000 other germy travelers haven't touched.  Score.  Want to make one of your own?  I'll show you how to make a DIY travel busy board.

Word on the street is...

Wouldn't it be SUPER rude if I knew something as a parent that might impact your shopping habits and didn't tell you?  If you happen to have a  Disney #WorldofCars lover on your hands then I'll share that the word on the street is Cars toys will soon be phased out as the Planes toys make their way into stores.  So yes, hoard away as you would if there was a Missoni for J.Crew collection.  No, that's not a rumor at all...just a personal fantasy!

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