August 29, 2013

Easy Individual Pull String Pinatas

These easy individual pinatas are perfect for a kids party!.  Each child gets their own little pinata.   I'm sharing as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® #DreamParty #cbias

So I have this friend Rachel who is insanely talented.  She crafts, she bakes things that look like they belong in magazines (because they do) and she is a phenomenal photographer.  Yes, she falls into that so-awesome-I-want-to-hate-her-but-I-love-her-instead category. Therefore I am here to brag about one of her recent easy yet genius creations.

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Rachel's girls have summer birthdays so she threw them a Disney Princess party and made these individual pull string pinatas.

"Did I mention that my mom is a genius?  Well… she is!  She came up with the idea to make individual pinatas using the Disney Hallmark treasure boxes and the Disney Hallmark snack caddy!  To make it you will need the treasure boxes or the snack caddy and some curling ribbon.   On the bottom of each one you will tape one piece of ribbon onto each fold (4 in all).   The ribbon needs to be cut long enough so that when it hangs the kids can reach it.  Once the ribbon is taped on each fold you will fold it back up and the ribbon will hang out the bottom.  

Fill the boxes with candy.  For the snack caddy we just put some tissue paper in it to hide the candy and for the boxes we closed them and made some holes in the hearts at the top for stringing.  You will need something strong to hang them on just like you would any pinata.  A tree works great as well as nails.  We use PVC pipe and...want to see how Rachel made pinata magic and all of her other AWESOME ideas?  See her Disney Princess party on Bubbly Nature
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