August 28, 2013

Disney Cars Party Custom Drink Labels - So Clever!

Does your child love Disney Cars?  I adore these custom Disney Cars drink labels.  They are a great party idea I'm sharing as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® #DreamParty #cbias

Custom drink labels are nothing new to the party scene.  I think it's safe to say we've all attended a baby shower, a wedding or some other event where monogrammed bottles of water are neatly stacked in rows.  At the risk of sounding snooty I'll just say they're a little played out.  What I hadn't seen until my friend Jess made them is custom drink labels that took a theme a little further and made me giggle.

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That's right.  She took bottles of chocolate milk and created some custom labels using a basic imaging program like Picmonkey to turn them into bottles of "motor oil"  Pretty darn clever if you ask me.

"On the day of the party I sent my husband out with the kids for an hour so I could get to work setting up.  Check out the party kits, aren’t they adorable?!  They really took all of the guess work out of trying to coordinate a great scene and it my planning time in half. There were over a dozen kits to choose from and each one I picked up cost $6 or less!"

Disney Cars Party, Custom Cars Party drink labels, Boys party drink labels,

"After the decorations were finished I started setting up my food.  Even though it was a birthday party, I still wanted to keep the menu somewhat healthy (and not worry about the eventual sugar crash and burn) so I opted for something light and easy.  I made fresh strawberry and pineapple skewers along with yummy mini grilled cheese sandwiches out of ciabatta bread and Muenster cheese that the kids LOVED!"

"I also picked up some single serving chocolate milk jugs and replaced the wrappers with some..."  Want to see how Jess made her cute drink wrappers?  Check out her Disney Cars Dream Party
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