August 27, 2013

And then he said "You work too much." - A story of adults acting like children.

Last weekend our family took a little trip up to the Santa Monica/Brentwood area.  I was excited to see family and get away for a couple of days...from my computer.  Okay that's a lie.  I couldn't wait to see our family but the thought of 3 days without even looking at my blog or anything work related made me twitchy.  But in a moment of relationship weakness and perhaps a fair complaint on Craig's end he called me out for working too much.  And it turned into an argument.

My instinct was to go all "be glad you're married to someone who wants to work!" Do not worry, this does not turn into a working mom/stay at home mom debate.  Both work super duper hard and anyone who thinks otherwise is nuts.   I found myself annoyed at him for being annoyed at me for being driven and wanting to work hard.  (Yes, I realize how ridiculous this sounds) You know, as opposed to complaining about having to work and doing the bare minimum.  Not my style.

Anyway, after what I can only refer to as an exaggerated drawn out and in hindsight comical display of two normally rational people asserting their right to be upset, it was over.  No one won, everyone lost and we weren't really anywhere different from where we'd been an hour before.  Except that I was now pissy and he was brooding.  Would this fight have ever taken place if he was the one working too much?  We all know there tends to be a societal double standard for which gender can work without guilt.  Would he have cared that I was working so hard if I was making the six figure salary I did before having Kayla?

So I said what any completely irrational person would have.  "FINE.  I won't do anything related to work this weekend.  I won't even bring my computer."  This was the part where he was supposed to say "No, don't be ridiculous."  He didn't.  Which is totally his style and one of the reasons I love him, because he calls me out and doesn't back down.  Don't worry, I do the same as well.

So that is precisely how I wound up laptopless in LA.  Which I guess is better than sleepless in Seattle.  And we had an awesome time, mostly just enjoying our daughter and some unplugged time together.  Kayla took her first street legal golf cart ride to the beach.  She had a freakishly well trained red parrot?? shoved into her arms like a newborn baby by a street performer at the Santa Monica pier and was in all her glory.  I didn't even attempt to douse her in sanitizer or bring in a bio-hazard team like my mother almost certainly would have done to me.

We accomplished our ultimate mission of seeing Kayla's cousin Lily who was visiting from down under and made some great new friends too!  I managed to snap some cool pics of most of what we did and Craig got exactly what he wanted.  His girls.

Yes, here is the part where I say he was (sort of) right.  I have been working a lot.  But I love what I do so it doesn't always feel like work.  Therefore it's very easy to lose track of time and miss out on the real stuff.  I need to be better about managing a life/work balance (don't we all) and he needs to come to terms with the fact that my time of working less while Kayla was very young is coming to an end and I'm excited to work more.  

But what Craig better watch out for most is Kayla.  Guess who took the picture of us above?  None other than Miss Kayla herself.  And as soon as she had that DSLR in her hands, she did not want to give it back.  Perhaps we have a future blogger on our hands?
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