August 30, 2013

The Best Cotton Candy Halloween Costume - Hello Sweetness!

Kayla and I were searching for the best halloween costumes and loved the #WishCraft collection from Chasing Fireflies. Chasing Fireflies sent me this cotton candy costume to check out. 

If you’re anything like me then this is the time of year you start obsessing thinking about Halloween.  Do I have to worry about scaring toddlers (and parents) with the gigantic tarantula my husband thinks is badass? What can I substitute in that candy bowl so I don’t wind up eating 50 fun size candy bars?  Should I attempt to make a costume or tolerate the limited creativity in the costume aisles of the big box stores

Mommy Testers Chasing Fireflies Halloween Costume, Cotton Candy Halloween Costume #WishCraft

August 29, 2013

Easy Individual Pull String Pinatas

These easy individual pinatas are perfect for a kids party!.  Each child gets their own little pinata.   I'm sharing as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® #DreamParty #cbias

So I have this friend Rachel who is insanely talented.  She crafts, she bakes things that look like they belong in magazines (because they do) and she is a phenomenal photographer.  Yes, she falls into that so-awesome-I-want-to-hate-her-but-I-love-her-instead category. Therefore I am here to brag about one of her recent easy yet genius creations.

Easy Individual Pull String Pinatas, DIY individual pinatas, individual pinatas #DreamParty #shop

Rachel's girls have summer birthdays so she threw them a Disney Princess party and made these individual pull string pinatas.

"Did I mention that my mom is a genius?  Well… she is!  She came up with the idea to make individual pinatas using the Disney Hallmark treasure boxes and the Disney Hallmark snack caddy!  To make it you will need the treasure boxes or the snack caddy and some curling ribbon.   On the bottom of each one you will tape one piece of ribbon onto each fold (4 in all).   The ribbon needs to be cut long enough so that when it hangs the kids can reach it.  Once the ribbon is taped on each fold you will fold it back up and the ribbon will hang out the bottom.  

Fill the boxes with candy.  For the snack caddy we just put some tissue paper in it to hide the candy and for the boxes we closed them and made some holes in the hearts at the top for stringing.  You will need something strong to hang them on just like you would any pinata.  A tree works great as well as nails.  We use PVC pipe and...want to see how Rachel made pinata magic and all of her other AWESOME ideas?  See her Disney Princess party on Bubbly Nature

August 28, 2013

Disney Cars Party Custom Drink Labels - So Clever!

Does your child love Disney Cars?  I adore these custom Disney Cars drink labels.  They are a great party idea I'm sharing as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® #DreamParty #cbias

Custom drink labels are nothing new to the party scene.  I think it's safe to say we've all attended a baby shower, a wedding or some other event where monogrammed bottles of water are neatly stacked in rows.  At the risk of sounding snooty I'll just say they're a little played out.  What I hadn't seen until my friend Jess made them is custom drink labels that took a theme a little further and made me giggle.

Disney Cars Party, Custom Cars Party drink labels, Boys party drink labels,

August 27, 2013

And then he said "You work too much." - A story of adults acting like children.

Last weekend our family took a little trip up to the Santa Monica/Brentwood area.  I was excited to see family and get away for a couple of days...from my computer.  Okay that's a lie.  I couldn't wait to see our family but the thought of 3 days without even looking at my blog or anything work related made me twitchy.  But in a moment of relationship weakness and perhaps a fair complaint on Craig's end he called me out for working too much.  And it turned into an argument.

August 26, 2013

Raise a fantastic flyer with Disney Planes

Did you see this DIY travel busy board? We love Disney Planes and this week I checked out some toys as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® which Kayla was all too excited about! #WorldofCars #cbias

It's no secret that Kayla has been a frequent flyer her whole life.  Much like Dusty from Disney Planes we have done some long haul flights.  It was scary at first, but at this point San Diego to New York is a piece of cake and I'm seriously considering taking her on the 15 hour flight to Australia once again.  Yes, I have secrets to travel success with young children and YES I am definitely going to share them with you.  I'll even show you how to make this super cute DIY travel busy board!

Disney Planes DIY Airplane entertainment busy board for kids DIY travel board  #worldofcars #shop #cbias

August 25, 2013

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Streamer Tablecloth - Princess Party Decor

Kids party coming up?  Check out this DIY crepe paper streamer tablecloth.  It's an awesome princess party idea I'm sharing as part of a sponsored post for  Collective Bias® #DreamParty #cbias

It is no secret that I live for an easy crepe paper craft.  So yes, I went totally bazonkers when my friend Tonia took an otherwise boring disposable tablecloth and made it look extra chic and ready for a Disney Princess party with nothing but some double stick tape and crepe paper.  It was one of those "why didn't I think of that???" moments and I just had to share.

disney princess party, DIY crepe paper tablecloth, DIY party tablecloth, decorate with crepe paper #DreamParty #shop

August 22, 2013

DIY balloon chandelier - easy party decor

I'm sharing this balloon chandelier party decor as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias. I love how it turns a Disney Princess party into something extra special!

Have you ever decorated for a party and found yourself thinking hmmm...I wish I had something special to spice up that boring ceiling.  I know I have.  Which is precisely why I fell in LOVE when I saw this crazy cute Disney Princess balloon chandelier from my friend Ashley.  It's simple to make and if you use some pre-made character cut outs it's even easier to customize to your child's current obsession.

DIY Balloon Chandelier, balloon Chandelier, Disney Princess chandelier #DreamParty #shop

August 20, 2013

DIY Travel Busy Board for Kids - a DIY Lego board too!

Whether you're a frequent flyer, a frequent carpool driver or a frequent restaurant diner I have a feeling you'll like this DIY travel busy board.  It takes just a few minutes to make and doesn't use any hard to find materials.  Isn't that the WORST when a craft calls for obscure things?  In fact the base of it is pretty clever if you ask me!  It's nothing more than a cutting board with a handle.

Mommy Testers DIY kids entertainment board, DIY travel entertainment, DIY busy board, DIY Lego board

August 19, 2013

The cutest Disney Cars party treats

I'm sharing these cute Disney Cars party treats as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias.  Of course I wouldn't share it if I didn't think you had to see it! 

You may remember that not too long ago I created a little Disney Princess celebration for Kayla to honor her flourishing math skills. It was inexpensive, cute and most importantly easy to put together and the mini-me loved it.  Right down to the blue frosted tongue.

One thing I always wish I could share more of on this site is manly stuff.  I don't mean wrestling and red meat, I mean boy parties!  If you're a "boy mom" then confession - I'm a wee bitty bit jealous of you.  After all, deep down under my 5 different shades of pink crepe paper I'm a tomboy at heart.  So when I saw this uh-dorable party setup and spied those little traffic light treats Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft created I just had to share.

Disney Cars treats, Disney Cars Party food, traffic light treats, #DreamParty

August 11, 2013

How to print Instagram photos and banish mom travel guilt

This week I checked out how I could print Instagram photos from my iPhone and created some Pinterest worthy crafts as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® using the #WalgreensApp #cbias

Mom guilt.  Is there a mom out there who is resistant to it?  If there is I want to know what her secrets are and if they involve prescription drugs.  When it comes to the school of motherhood I majored in creative distractions with a minor in mom guilt.  As you may know, last month I traveled to BlogHer which is a completely female dominated and mom dominated conference.  In the weeks leading up to the conference I quickly realized that most moms hardly ever left their young children.  Insert some mom guilt here.  My Delta  Skymiles account says it all.

Mommy Testers how to print Instagram photos from iPhone with #WalgreensApp #shop

August 10, 2013

Bag It Forward for back to school and teach a lesson in kiddie karma.

This week I helped #BagItForward and shopped for school supplies in partner with Champions For Kids and the Elmer's Bag It Forward program as a sponsored post for Collective Bias®.  As you know I adore CFK and all of their programs to benefit our nation's youth. #cfk

As one of four children I know how hard this time of year can be on the wallet of a parent who is just trying to get by.  As an only child Kayla has missed out on the amazing indescribable (and sometimes neck-wringing worthy) relationship of a sibling.  At the same time she also has been blessed with a financial plan in this home I'll describe as narrow and deep.

#bagitforward #shop #cfk donating school supplies skip hop giraffe lunch bag

August 8, 2013

Should I take my child to Disney Planes? Yep. Even in 3D.

On Monday Kayla and I were treated to an early screening of Disney Planes.  The novelty of seeing a movie before all of her friends from school flew over her head (thankfully) but she was excited for a special night of popcorn and staying up late with me.  I on the other hand had my concerns.  As a self declared over protective parent; especially when it comes to movies and television I wished for the reassurance of other parents who had seen the movie to tell me it was A-okay for my slightly sheltered 4 year old.

Disney Planes, Should I take my child to Disney Planes, Disney Planes preschool, Is Disney Planes scary? Is Disney Planes okay for preschooler

August 7, 2013

How to make the best dyed pasta. Ever.

What's the true badge of motherhood?  A dyed pasta necklace of course!  Okay, there are many other badges of motherhood.  Stickers stuck to your hair or derriere that random strangers alert you to hours after they were applied.  Being able to pick out the sound of your crying child amongst an entire preschool within 3 seconds of the first cry.  I could go on, but I won't because it will end in stretch marks.  Back to dyed pasta.

Mommy Testers How to make the best dyed pasta, colored pasta, how to dye pasta, best dyed pasta, pasta necklace, how to color pasta

August 5, 2013

Hello Big Kid Bed! Step2 Loft & Storage Twin Bed (Giveaway)

Check out the new Step2 Loft & Storage Twin Bed giveaway.  I am a Step2 Test Drive Blogger and as part of my partnership with Step2 I am helping give away this great big kid bed.  I have not received any products or compensation for posting this, I just want to offer you super cool things ;) 

For much of the last year I've had my eyes peeled looking for the perfect big kid bed for Kayla.  Her bedroom was perfect for a baby but she and her ever growing arsenal of toys were quickly outgrowing it.  A full size bed was not an option, it would take up way too much space and leave none for play.

Step2 Loft & Storage Twin Bed, Step2 Bed giveaway, Step2 Test drive blogger, best big kid bed

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