July 9, 2013

My Child Has Style + DIY Nerdy Glasses

I'm not very good at the whole Wordless Wednesday thing.  Probably because I am wordy but I just cleaned out my camera's memory card and stumbled upon some cute pics of my favorite precocious 4 year old rocking things that most would consider difficult to pull off.  Therefore I decided to give the grandparents some overdue eye candy.

DIY Nerdy glasses, kids glasses, nerd glasses photo prop

Like these nerdy-chic glasses.  They used to be Target dollar section sunglasses and when the lenses got scratched up (which takes about 2 days in our home) I popped them out and had a super cute pair of play glasses or a photo prop.  Kids look cute in this stuff.  I highly recommend this tactic for a fun birthday invite photo.

80's neon tribal bubble dress?  It does exist.  Tar-jet again.  I wish I was 4.  But how about the side pony? How about the side pony topped with a large bow?  I considered rocking it at a very serious blogger event I attended, but chickened out.  Fortunately I had a gaggle of friends who nailed it.  If you clicked the link you've been given the gift of seeing me with crimped hair and a fishnet dress.  Sadly, no alcohol was consumed in the creation of that look.

But back to the side pony.  Yep, Kayla can pull that off all while looking smug and eating cheddar bunnies.  Notice that my focus is on the bunnies.  Hungry mommy.  Speaking of bunnies....I know somebunny who would be totally jelly of this next look.

That's right, homegirl even manages to work a bunny printed helmet.  I mean her melon looks gigundo but between the look on her face and the bunny in her basket that everyone thinks is a kangaroo I give it a thumbs up.  If you're 4.  Now back to work for me because I'll need to save every scheckel for the therapy she'll one day require as a result of her mother posting photos like this.  
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