June 6, 2013

Snail Hunting - The best things in life are free

Over the weekend we visited my mother in law with the intent of having an unplugged, laid back family weekend and I'm happy to say I think we accomplished that goal.  I pulled Kayla out of school early on Friday which of course made her a preschool celebrity.  No fewer than five Baby Gap and Tar-jet clad little girls rushed the classroom door to let me know that we were heading to grandma's house.  Guess the gossip starts even younger than I thought!

garden snail on leaf

After a leisurely lunch on Saturday we arrived back at my MIL's house to see a snail stuck to the garage door.  I know, not such a big deal to an adult but I figured that if Kayla was anything like I was at her age she would be stoked.  So we had her "rescue" it from the intense glare of the Orange County summer sun and deliver it safely back to the grass by the mailbox as directed by my MIL so it wouldn't wind up in her flowers.

girl holding a snail

But of course said rescuing was not enough.  Because Kayla is exactly like me as a child.  I was the least girly-girl I know and loved nothing more than an excuse to trudge through the woods and look for who knows what.  Kayla needed to name that snail Lisa- don't ask me why, we don't know a soul named Lisa and spend the better part of an hour with her face centimeters from the lawn watching "Lisa" inch along.

girl watching snail in grass

And I found myself thinking that had we taken Kayla to Disneyland for an egregious $125 a head (for the day!) this still would have been the highlight of her day, I just know it.  Not that Kayla won't go bonkers for Disneyland when her mom is finally nice enough to take her there. But because there is something to be said for the simple pleasure of a totally unstructured activity in which the child is in total control of.

This is precisely where this story should end.  However, if you know me then you know that I have this problem called I-just-can't-leave-well-enough-alone-syndrome.  SO more on this soon.  Really soon.
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