June 14, 2013

My makeup bag is on a diet, is yours? Trying a natural look for summer

Just so you know I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  I was recently asked to check out affordable makeup and create some natural looks for summer.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. #RimmelRealBeauty #cbias

It's here, the time of year we have all waited for!  When a bathing suit, a cover up and a pair of beachy sandals is all you need.  Okay, and maybe a fun piece of jewelry.   Food becomes simpler, healthier and served on a patio. Overall, less becomes more.  So I think it's quite appropriate that makeup follows suit, don't you?

Mommy Testers nude summer makeup trend with Rimmel #cbias
Therefore I set out on a mission to make-under my makeup bag and my look for summer.  Because let's be honest, there is nothing more ridiculous than seeing a woman at the beach with a full on smoky eye and a dousing of blush.  Right?

Here's where I'll also confess that while I'm not a complete product junkie I tend to buy fairly expensive products.  My everyday foundation goes for about $32.00 a bottle so when I heard through the blogging grapevine that there was a ton of Rimmel makeup that sells at Walmart for $3.97 I was curious.  Intrigued even because with prices like that I could get a whole makeup bag worth of products for the cost of just my foundation, so why not try out a new look?

Mommy Testers nude summer makeup trend with Rimmel clean finish matte foundation #cbias

Nude and natural makeup is all the rage right now so I started with this Clean Finish foundation.  It comes two ways - regular and matte.  Along with a penchant for expensive clothes I can add oily skin to my life issues so I had to give the Clean Finish Matte foundation a try.  It's got a little wand inside to make getting it out of the bottle super easy.  With my trusty Beauty Blender sponge it went on easily and evenly.

Mommy Testers nude summer makeup trend with Rimmel Scandaleyes liner #cbias

Now I'm not sure about you, but for me right after foundation comes eye makeup.  I have a great eyeliner I love that goes for about $15.  What's crazy is I picked up these two waterproof eyeliners and the eyeshadow quad for less than 1 eyeliner would normally run me.  I used just the thinnest line of the Rimmel black kohl eyeliner and just above it I used the nude color.  After that I used one of the darker colors in the eyeshadow to give a touch of shimmer from the crease of my top eyelid down.  The result is a super subtle but "your best self" kind of look.

Mommy Testers nude summer makeup trend with Rimmel natural bronzer #cbias

And why do I look a bit smug here?  Because I have a secret to tell you.  My face never sees sunlight.  Ever.  Basically I'm trying to avoid joining the Botox squad.  I use a sunscreen lotion and sometimes foundation with sunscreen.  I also tan really easily so that means brown body, white face syndrome.  Therefore bronzer is my friend, especially during the summer.

Mommy Testers nude summer makeup trend with Rimmel #cbias

Seriously, bronzer and sunglasses are my true summer must haves.  I just sweep it over my face and neck and blend it in a bit and I'm good to go.  I am used to using blush though, so just bronzer was kind of different.  What's the last piece of the puzzle?  A little Stayglossy lipgloss. I'm  more of a red tinted lip balm kinda girl so it was strange for me to try a nude color.  I was paranoid that I'd look weird.  Naked. No blush?  No lip balm?  Lipgloss with a sparkle?  Actually, it worked if you ask me.  The finished look felt very "I'm not trying, but I look put together" to me and really, isn't that what we want anyway?

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