June 21, 2013

Monsters University? Oh, it's happening here! How about some Monster Juice?

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  I was recently asked to check out some awesome Monsters University merchandise which of course I was dying to do and decided to make a healthy drink too! This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. #MUJuice #cbias

So I cannot lie, I'm ridiculously  kind of excited about the release of Monsters University.  But not for the obvious reasons.  You see, most of the time I'm that overprotective mother (shocker!) who hasn't allowed her child to watch a lot of movies.  TV time is pretty limited in our home, so going to the movies is a big deal.  

Mommy Testers Monster eyeball juice for kids monster Monsters University party with Juicy Juice #MUJuice #cbias

A few months ago we made our first real family outing to the movies to see Monsters Inc.  My husband loves nothing more than a cushy chair, popcorn and a movie so I could see how excited he was to introduce Kayla to the experience.  I on the other hand was a stressball.  Would she sit through it?  Would we have to leave?  What if she got scared and I had to spend the next few nights sleeping on her bedroom floor?  No sleeping in our bed is the one boundary I've made and kept, so when she's sick there I am, like a nomad. 

Mommy Testers Plush Sully monster Monsters University party with Juicy Juice #MUJuice #cbias

Send me to therapy because I was worried over nothing!  Kayla settled in with her popcorn and loved Monsters Inc.  She thought Mike was silly, she related to Boo and of course I could tell she longed for a Sully of her own to watch over her.  Months later it's still on her mind.  Not too long ago we bought the DVD because she wanted to see it again and it came with a free movie pass for Monsters University.  I kid you not, Kayla comes to my desk almost daily to check on her "Monsters Inc. University" movie pass and remind me that we're going soon.  

There's been a display filled with Monsters University merchandise in my local Walmart for a few weeks and as a self proclaimed toy lover it has taken every last bit of self restraint not to go raid it like a dog who has just found a stack of steaks accidentally left out.

Mommy Testers Monster eyeball juice for kids monster Monsters University party with Juicy Juice #MUJuice #cbias

After cleaning out our toy collection for the bazillionth time and watching Kayla jump in and say that "the kids without toys can have these" about a bunch of things I felt proud and found my excuse to make the shopping trip I'd been itching to make.  Then, because you know this girl right here can't possibly just buy a few toys and call it a day, I made monster juice.

Why?  By now you know I don't give Kayla tons of juice, BUT I found these Juicy Juice Fruitifuls.  They still follow the 100% juice theory - as in they aren't crammed full of scary ingredients, but what makes them different is they are diluted with water.  Which is exactly what I want as a mom because that's what I'd do myself anyway!  These Fruitifuls have 35% less sugar than regular juice so I can let Kayla feel all excited about the treat of juice without feeling like I'm abandoning my principles.  Anyway, back to monster juice....

Mommy Testers Monster eyeball juice for kids monster Monsters University party with Juicy Juice #MUJuice #cbias

I opened up a few of those cartons and poured them into a pitcher.  If we were on the go they'd be perfect as they came, but I wanted something more exciting for a fun Monsters University night at home.  So I whipped out my melon baller - a very neglected tool in this kitchen and got to work on some cantaloupe and watermelon monster eyeballs.  Sure it sounds silly if you're an adult, but to a 4 year old it's cool as can be.

Mommy Testers Monster eyeball juice for kids monster Monsters University party with Juicy Juice #MUJuice #cbias

No super fancy recipe here, just a fast, fun way to get your child to eat an extra serving of fruit as they cool off with a monster drink.  Set out your assortment of moster eye balls and let them plop a bunch into some juice.  I decided to add cute, colorful paper straw to make it extra special.    If you'd like to make these too I can promise that they are very simple and take just a minute.   They are made just like how I made these crepe paper pom-poms, only you use shorter pieces of crepe paper and alternate blue and green strands.

Do you like bonuses?  I do.  Beyond getting my less sugary juice for Kayla I realized that the new Monsters University packs of juice have a little sweepstakes attached to them.  Each pack has an instant win prize.  We got an E-book and a coloring sheet from ours.  You can also enter your product codes and be entered for a chance to win a trip to Pixar Studios along with a $5000 cash scholarship or one of 10 $5000 cash scholarships.  You all know how I feel about saving for college.  It's crazy important to me so fingers crossed because I hear it isn't getting any cheaper!

Want an awesome Monsters University craft project?  I've got one coming up for you soon!

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