May 15, 2013

NPW Animal Crayons - Adorable crayons that can take some abuse!

A few weeks back Craig's brother and his kids came to SoCal for a visit.  We only had a couple of days together but the 3 little cousins made the most of it and there was plenty of fun.  I won't saddle you with all the details, but I did want to tell you about these over the top cute animal crayons they brought for Kayla.

NPW Animal Crayons, Crayons that don't break, Animal Crayons, strong crayons

When I first saw them I thought they were adorable and put them aside to save for our little family trip.  They became the perfect little activity when Kayla needed to take a break from the sun and swimming.  I set her up on a little blanket in the shade and gave her a notepad along with the animal crayons.

What makes these animal crayons from NPW a little different from other crayons is that they are made using a wax/plastic composite that makes them stronger and more resistant to breaking under the abuse of small not-so-gentle hands.

NPW Animal Crayons, Crayons that don't break, Animal Crayons, strong crayons

At this point Kayla has used them consistently for a number of days, shared them with several friends and they've been exposed to the incredibly hot temperatures of Palm Springs. So far we've had only one break and that was from being stepped on.  The others have fallen off tables in restaurants, survived preschool tug-o-war and still live on.  If you ask me that's a serious improvement from the ones that snap in small hands with the slightest bit of pressure!

They come 12 in a pack for about $12 which obviously isn't cheap for crayons in general, but I'd pair this with a nice drawing tablet or pad of fun paper for a child and think it makes a great economical birthday gift for around $15.  Want to know more?  You can check them out here: NPW animal crayons
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