May 20, 2013

Happy and Healthy and hopefully not electrocuted!

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  I was recently asked to check out some happy and healthy options for me and my family.   This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. #DRHappyHealthy

My sister Marisa is back to share a few thoughts!  One of the many things I miss about New York is the convenience of the ever present Duane Reade.  Decided to dye your hair at 11pm on a Tuesday, no problem.  Have an infant running a fever?  There is almost certainly one open at any hour within a few blocks of your apartment.  But what I wasn't expecting to hear was what Marisa recently found there.  So without further ado...

I love being an aunt and feel very lucky to have two beautiful nieces. Sadly, they both live quite far away (one in San Diego and one in Sydney) but do they make their fair share of trips to New York - in fact, I'm pretty sure that they've both clocked in exponentially more frequent flyer miles than me over the past few years. So when I heard that my sister Jillian and my cheeky niece Kayla were making a trip to New York and would be spending a few nights at the apartment I share with my younger sister, I was feeling ecstatic...well, ecstatic and a little apprehensive.

 #DRHappyHealthy Duane Reade Ology Happy and Healthy Tree Free Toilet Paper

I wouldn't trade time with my nieces for anything in the world.   However my apartment isn't exactly the most kid friendly place. Think electrical outlets without safety plugs and plenty of sharp toddler forehead height corners. I won't even get started on the floor to ceiling burning hot pipe that hisses and clicks as it emits heat during the winter.  Thank goodness that season is over!  

While I definitely think of Duane Reade as the hallmark of convenience, I never thought of it as a destination for healthy or eco-friendly products. But then I wound up with a copy of their new Happy and Healthy Magazine in my hands while catching up on my guilty pleasure numero uno - a Real Housewives marathon and learned that they now actually carry a whole new range of healthy products. 

 #DRHappyHealthy Duane Reade Ology Happy and Healthy

Initially upon flipping through the magazine, I came across this brand called Ology - a line of eco-friendly products that are made without lots of harmful chemicals, dyes and fragrances. To be honest, I would have expected to find these at a store like Whole Foods and was pretty pleasantly surprised to see them offered at a more convenient place that comes without the nickname "Whole Paycheck."

I'm not so uppity about organic/non toxic/non plastic everything.  I leave that obsession to Jillian but then again I don't have a child of my own so I guess I have some time till I too become afflicted.  Nonetheless after rotting a few more brain cells away with the housewives (an affliction all of us sisters share)  I slowly got up off the couch and made my way out to forage for food on Second Avenue.  After a slice at Two Boots I did the aimless walk that accompanies most on the go dinners for me and before I knew it I found myself right in front of good old Duane Reade.   

 #DRHappyHealthy Duane Reade Ology Happy and Healthy Dish Soap

I did a lap around the store and came across tons of Ology products in nearly every aisle. I found this Ology Dish Liquid which is plant-based and made without harsh detergents or dyes. Definitely an upgrade from my current brand name but not Earth conscious one.   I also found Ology body wash and toilet paper. The body wash is also plant-based and is sulfate and paraben-free. Much to my surprise the toilet paper is 100% tree free?  How'd they do that??  Apparently they used sugar cane husks and quick growing bamboo instead. Now that's a purchase that I can get behind and feel guilt free about.

While I am all for eco-friendly products, I usually find that they are just simply out of my price range as a single in the city twenty something.  However, I was really surprised to see that the price points on all of the Ology products were super affordable. Not to mention, there was a great promotion going on and I got 50% off of one of my Ology purchases by using my Balance Rewards card! And should a certain tiny person with a penchant for paper-chain making get her hands on a roll or two of toilet paper, it wouldn't be a big deal at all either for the trees or my wallet.  

 #DRHappyHealthy Duane Reade Ology Happy and Healthy  Dish Soap

Although my apartment may never be a truly kid-friendly place, I do feel much better about making some smaller, healthier changes for Kayla and I know that my sister will appreciate them as well. Now let the countdown to their arrival begin!  Oh and I guess I still have to go find those outlet plug you know where I can find them.  
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