April 16, 2013

Your wardrobe is probably getting a spring update...so how about your makeup case?

Spring.  It's been on my radar for quite some time now.  In fact I must admit that the second spring merchandise starts hitting the web for pre-order and the department store floors I get slightly giddy.  I actually think they invented "resort" as a season in the fashion industry not because so many people go on tropical vacations, but for those of us who cannot possibly contain ourselves and our desire to soak up all things that suggest warmer days ahead.

mommy testers, beauty.com, #cbias, spring makeup trends, mally carribean eyeliner, dark under eye cirlces

It's only April and I've raided the shelves of Tory Burch, snapped up my fair share of brightly colored tunics and preppy flip flops, stocked up on the awesomely stretchy and inexpensive tank tops at Target, taken my favorite new Alexander Wang skirt for a spin and indulged in a few J.Crew crystal encrusted necklaces.  Not going to lie, it felt fabulous.
Oh yeah, and I've also spent about 400 man hours attempting to clear out the junk, outgrown clothes and sheer excess of toys that have accumulated in our home throughout the winter and am in the midst of getting everything ready to be donated.   Not so fabulous.  But back to the fun stuff because you probably don't want to hear about my days sifting through toy drawers...

My default everyday makeup #cbias

In the midst of all this purging and splurging I noticed that there was one area I had been ignoring and that would be my makeup case.  I think it's fair to say that there is a pretty nice pedigree of products hanging out in there, but nothing so new and exciting for spring.  I've been using NARS blush since college, found the face altering experience of Dermablend foundation and recently discovered the magic of BeautyBlender for applying that foundation.

What I haven't done a ton of is experimenting with new looks and fun colors so I called in the big guns.    By big guns I mean really small but mighty guns and by that I mean my little sister, Marisa.  If you met her you'd have to love her and hate her because she's incredibly sweet, turns beet red when she gets embarrassed, is naturally beautiful AND smart and has her own awesome little fashion job working in the buying department at Bergdorf Goodman.  Right?  Love/hate!

Beauty.com, spring makeup trends, halo braids and green eyeliner, #cbias

She's also way more adventurous than I am when it comes to beauty so she was the perfect person to call upon for some help.  Marisa and I did a little sisterly bonding and  shopped Beauty.com together while sitting at computers 2500 miles apart.  Isn't technology great? When we hit the homepage we both instantly fell in love with the earth angel look they were showing and immediately found my inspiration and push to step out of my comfort zone of only-black-eyeliner-for-this-girl.

The contrast of the intense bottom lid only color and the otherwise pared down, nude face did it for both of us.  But how to adapt it for someone like me who spends her days chasing children and dogs rather than posing for glossy fashion mags?  The halo braid is awesome, but little sis and I agreed it looks awesome on angelic blonde hair, but with my dark locks I'd be approaching a Star Wars look which is clearly not the same!  Instead Marisa and I focused on products to make that brightly colored eye and flaw-free skin.

Mommy Testers Mally carribean sea  blue green eyeliner from Beauty.com #cbias

After poking around the world of green and greenish-blue eyeliners we settled on this Mally Caribbean Sea color, which sells individually for $15, but comes in a duo pack with a black pencil as well for $22 which seems like a relative bargain.  We both agreed that since I've got a bit of a darker complexion and way darker hair than the model this deeper more blue based color seemed to be a better fit.

If you're a drugstore beauty junkie I'll just say this - I wore this eyeliner all day long including out in some bright sunshine and with dabbing at my eyes since they get teary easily in the sun it still did not smudge.  Which is incredible because with all of the brands I've tried, no matter how inexpensive or fancy they are I've always battled the midday smudge and we all know it's not a sexy look!

In the skin department I default to my Dermablend foundation because it does a good job covering uneven pigmentation.  I've spent my whole life plagued by hereditary dark under eye circles and while browsing Beauty.com's trends and advice we came across this product called Bye Bye Under Eye.

The best dark circle corrector  and hereditary dark circle concealer, bye bye under eye from Beauty.com

After about 15 years of battling dark circles and never really finding a solution I had all but given up and learned to just try to focus on what I could fix and be happy with how I look.  But it would be a lie to say I ever truly felt satisfied.  No matter how much my amazing husband has told me I'm pretty or how awesome the cute new shirt I bought was, the first thing I've always seen in the mirror are those dark circles.

Bye Bye Under Eye was $24 and after reading the reviews (a feature of the site which I love) that were mixed, but mostly positive Marisa and I decided it was a miniscule price to pay for a possible correction to the thing in life that makes me the most self conscious.

Now I can say that I'm really glad we gave it a try because many disappointing products over the years this was as a surprise.  I'm still sort of in shock that we had two major winners show up at my front door in one little cardboard box.  This concealer feels sticky or a little bit tacky going on, but you can immediately see the difference.  It provides full coverage like nothing else I've ever tried without being dry and cakey.

mommy testers, beauty.com, #cbias, spring makeup trends, mally carribean eyeliner, dark under eye cirlces

Are my dark circles totally gone?  Nope! Despite that being a wish of mine since I was a teenager you can still tell I've got 'em, just look.  However it's a huge difference and at the risk of sounding vain I'll say it's makes a major difference for me in the self confidence department.  Clearly when the powers of fun makeup and flaw covering makeup come together they make for silly and goofy times.  Consider this my warm up for the many hysterical pictures to come in May at SoFabCon!

Now I'm actually willing to try more makeup and looks that bring focus to my eyes rather than trying to ignore them and draw attention elsewhere.  So I think it's safe to say that our sisterly mission to get me ready for spring transformed into a pretty awesome accomplishment of doing just that and finding a product that I'm likely use for many years to come.

Whether you are a product junkie or a makeup beginner you'll probably be impressed with the selection at Beauty.com  Their Advice & Trends section is super helpful and breaks down exactly which products they used to create looks.  You can take their suggestions or search for your own interpretations like we did, allowing you to mix and match products and price points as you see fit while still getting the look you want.   Suffice to say, I'll definitely be back.  Probably very soon!

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ #cbias #SocialFabric everything you see here is my personal and very picky opinion.
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