April 7, 2013

Confession - I am a fashionista who has never painted her nails. Ever.

How is that possible??  But yep, it's true!  I am 30 years old, worked in fashion for a decade and have never once painted my nails.  Why? I don't really have an answer.  I guess the truth is that I've been afraid.  There are certain things I am great at, like putting together outfits, spotting quality clothing finds in inexpensive stores and interpreting runway trends and adapting them to "normal people" fashion.

Sally Hansen Color Block nail art display at Walgreens #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

Then there are things I think I'll be horrible at, like styling hair. If I had to try to braid my own hair beyond the most basic braid I would be lost.  Nails fall into the same category. I've had a few manicures  in a salon here and there but I'm terrified to try doing my own...probably because I'm not a great painter and get frustrated easily.

Okay, perhaps I have a fear/perfectionist complex that's been standing in the way, but  recently when my friends at Collective Bias asked if I wanted to check out some nail art products I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it.  Why?  Because even though I've been scared to try it myself I know that nail polish and nail art are an awesome, inexpensive way to incorporate trends into your outfits.

Mommy Testers Sally Hansen Color Block and chevron nail art  #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

I don't buy nearly as many clothes and accessories as I did before having Kayla and my guess is that if you have kids you're the same way.  Budgets get re-aligned and the money you might have spent indulging in trends before you had kids winds up going right to those little people and their ever growing needs.  

Therefore when I buy clothes I still like to buy high quality items, but I buy fewer of them and I try to buy things that aren't so trend focused that I won't be able to wear them the next season.  So a lot of items I own are solid colors, classic shapes and neutrals and then I adapt them with colorful accessories so nail art seemed like another great way to add current trends to my looks.

Sally Hansen Color Block nail art display at Walgreens #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

After dinner the other night I left Craig to take care of Kayla's bedtime routine and scurried out the door before anyone could change their mind.  I headed to Walgreens and checked out the pretty incredible collection of nail polish, nail art pens and all of the other products I am not remotely qualified to use, like at home gel manicure systems.

I have to admit that when it comes to clothes I can be spendy, but when it comes to beauty products I'm pretty cheap.  I buy expensive makeup but I dread doing it and don't experiment at all with new colors or products.  Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Sally Hansen nail art display that was advertising their Xtreme nail polish at 2/$5.  Well now that's just downright inexpensive!  Plus I got 1000 balance rewards points for buying 2.  So I grabbed a bunch of supplies, including their nail art pens that I was very excited about, came home and put them aside while I worked up the courage over night to get painting.

Mommy Testers Sally Hansen Color Block mint green nail art  #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

After some aggressive filing and cuticle trimming I started out by using this very of the moment feeling Mint Sorbet color.  It took me a few tries to get it on my nails the right way, but eventually I got the hang of it.  The No More Mistakes nail polish remover pen I had opted to buy was very helpful with the learning curve.

I had bought a nice coral color to pair with the Mint Sorbet because I feel like you can't even walk into a store right now without seeing mint and coral everywhere.  They're all the rage, and they also happen to work together and balance one another out.  Then came the hard part - what to paint?

I started out by adding a basic color blocked coral tip.  While I was trying to think of how I would do that without making a giant mess I remembered the washi tape I had been using for a craft a couple of days before and grabbed that.

Mommy Testers Color Block nail art using washi tape #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

It was perfect for making a clean line and then using either the coral nail polish or the nail polish pen.  So I started out with just a couple of coral tips on my nails.  But then of course I wanted more.  Feeling inspired by by my chevron washi tape and the Missioni bag in my closet that I have been waiting to break out this Summer I decided to add a chevron element to my color blocked nails.  I was able to easily draw in some zig-zags with the help of the nail art pen.
Mommy Testers Sally Hansen Color Block nail art collage  #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias
I had recently bought some great tribal printed tunics from Tory Burch that were heavily embellished around the neckline, so the next day when I found myself on a long phone call I couldn't help but think about those tops and added a whole bunch of little dots and more geometric elements to a few of my nails.

Mommy Testers Sally Hansen  nail art pen to make tribal color blocked nails  #IHeartMyNailArt #cbias

And now we may have created a monster because this whole nail art thing is actually very fun!  My favorite product is definitely the Sally Hansen nail art pens, because of the skinny lines and more intricate designs you can create with them. I also have a little person begging me for some designs on her nails so I better figure out how to draw hearts, stars and flowers soon!

 Looking for some more inspiration?  There are tons of awesome styles on on the I Heart Nail Art page and some great sets of products you can use to make your designs like Block N Roll or Sweet Stripes .  That 2/$5 sale on the Xtreme nail polish goes until 4/27 so I'll be heading back to Walgreens for some more.

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and COTY #cbias #SocialFabric” everything you see here is my personal and picky opinion.
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