March 19, 2013

Spring Closet Cleaning...and Shopping with a Little Fashionista!

Spring is coming!  There is absolutely no denying it here in San Diego where it hits the mid 70’s in the afternoon these days.  Along with the very welcome warmer weather comes Kayla refusing to wear even remotely warm pajamas at night despite the fact that the temperature plummets and the annual realization that much of what she owns from last Summer is way too small.

Little girl Spring style with swiss dot shirt and Hello Kitty Rain boots #cbias

In the past I would always shop way ahead and buy a decent portion of next year's clothes when the sales hit for the current season.  That seemed to work when she was a baby, but now that times have changed and Kayla has an opinion of her own I'm learning that for most items it doesn't wind up saving me money and usually ends with a lot of waste.

Little girl Spring Style with baby gap sunglasses and Target shirt

So this year, for the very first time I've found myself with Spring and Summer quickly approaching and next to nothing picked out and set aside for Kayla.  In order to get a clear picture of what might still fit (and be deemed socially acceptable to a 4 year old) I set aside a morning to sort through all of her warm  weather clothes I had packed away last year and weeded out anything that was obviously too small or had seen too many days on the playground and at art class.

Spring closet cleaning and sorting clothes with Orla Kiely for Target milk crates

Anything that didn't make the cut got bagged to be donated to AmVets.  I love that here in SoCal they will come pick up your donations right at the front door.  It's so much more convenient than having to haul everything to a drop off location!

Little girls Spring dresses to sort and donate

I was surprised at how excited Kayla got when I presented her with these bins labeled "Keep" and "Donate" and told her we needed to go through her clothes from last year.  The best move I made was pre-sorting all of the things that definitely needed to go.  It eliminated a lot of debating over items and streamlined the process but still left enough that Kayla could feel like a big girl and that she was helping make the decisions.

sorting clothes with Kayla to keep or donate

It was also a nice little reminder to her that there are plenty of other little girls out there who would be happy to have her gently used clothes and that it's important to give back.  Feeling pretty proud of my little munchkin for once again being pretty great about parting with some things that used to be her favorites I told Kayla I would buy her a couple of new dresses for her since dresses are her new obsession and she cannot wait until it's warm enough in the morning for her to wear them to school.

Cute spring fashions and chevron print dress from Totsy #cbias

I've always enjoyed browsing flash sale sites but recently I've started checking out some of the ones that are more directed at children and moms, like Totsy and Zulily.  Here is San Diego I'm always amazed by how few children's boutiques there are.  It seems that everyone just shops at the standard places like Target, Baby Gap and Gymboree.  Therefore, it's common to walk into school and see a few kids wearing the same thing.

Girls Spring dresses from Zulily #cbias

So last week after putting Kayla to bed I spent some time browsing both Totsy and Zulily in search of some new dresses for Kayla.  Generally when most people think of sale sites I think they picture items that no one really wanted from seasons past, but that's really not true at all!  I'll tell you from the insider perspective as someone who has sold to these kinds of sites in the past that there is tons of great new on-trend merchandise.  I was particularly amazed by the selection of adorable dresses for little girls.

Spring and Easter dresses from Totsy #cbias

There were items to appeal to just about every taste. I saw gorgeous tutus made from tulle rosettes, very traditional dresses I would imagine seeing in the Hamptons and colorful printed dresses with very handmade feeling finishes like the kind I drool over on Etsy, but much less expensive.  There were modern graphic prints and tunics that made me totally jealous and I would have seriously ordered for myself if I thought I had a chance of squeezing into them!

Jeweled tunic dress and grey chevron print dress from Zulily #cbias

One thing that has kept me from shopping sites like these in the past is the long shipping time.  I like instant gratification!  So, I was excited to see that both Totsy and Zulily now have plenty of items that are able to ship quickly.  Totsy refers to their items as "Fast Ship" and categorizes them by sale whereas Zulily has a "Ready To Ship" category where you can see everything that is available to ship quickly in one place.  It makes shopping for last minute gifts or a dress for a special occasion like Easter or a wedding so much easier.

my favorite dresses from Zulily and Totsy

I spent more time than I'd like to admit checking out the sales and felt like Totsy was unbeatable when it came to price and I really liked that they offer free shipping on your first order.  I can't stand paying for shipping and I bet you're with me! The only frustrating thing about sale sites like these is they tend to sell out of things pretty quickly.  However, I do like that Totsy will reserve whatever you put in your shopping cart for a short period of time so you have a chance to look around without feeling too rushed to check out.

Kayla wearing her little girls apron style cupcake dress from Zulily #cbias

In the end I wound up picking up this adorable 50's style cupcake print dress for Kayla from Zulily and the sweet tan seersucker dress with little embroidered hearts from Totsy.  I couldn't believe that the seersucker dress was around $13!  I think it will be the perfect for Summer picnics in the park.  As you can see, Kayla is already loving her Zulily dress (it's bringing out the domestic goddess in her) and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the one from Totsy.

Kayla wearing her little girls apron style cupcake dress from Zulily #cbias

All in all I'd say a very successful experience in clearing out the old clothes and bringing in some super cute new ones.  Kayla feels like she earned a couple of special new things and I feel like I got a deal on these dresses while shopping from the convenience of my couch.  Now if only I could find the motivation to make my way through our toy cabinets!

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