March 5, 2013

San Diego friends - does your home need a mini makeover?

Who can really say no to that?  If you can, I will still love you but just a little bit less.  The topic of home renovation or improvement is a hot one in our home.  Living close to the beach in San Diego it's kind of disgusting to see the costs of real estate.  In this neck of the woods a million dollars pretty much gets you a fixer upper.  Insane, I know.

Sure we could move elsewhere.  I mean I could, but I get the feeling that my husband would actually shrivel up and die if he was forced to move more than a few minutes from the beach.  Just bringing up the subject of moving I can practically see the hives start forming.  Plus, I really do love our very quiet friendly neighborhood and that our fixer upper happens to be on a relatively large piece of land for this area.

All of this adds up to the fact that more than likely we'll be staying here for a very long time.  With that in mind, I've developed an ever growing list of things I'd like to fix up, change or redo...starting with a gut renovation of two bathrooms.  But I haven't had the actual guts to pull the trigger on big projects because the world still seems like an uncertain place financially and well, I'm a natural born scaredy-cat when it comes to large scale spending.

Instead, I've been concentrating on little things I can do to make our home nicer.  Like replacing some light fixtures, swapping out rugs and bedding and keeping Kayla's kid clutter at bay.  But quite frankly I could use some help for some more creative ideas since I'm no interior designer myself.  So when I heard that Stephen Saint-Onge would be at the San Diego IKEA this Sunday, March 10th I was pretty excited.

You might be familiar with him from his work in Family Circle.  He's known for giving great tips to refresh your home and they're right in line with my big impact, little expense style projects.  His IKEA Life Improvement seminar about refreshing and updating kitchens will happen this Sunday, March 10th at 1:00pm at  IKEA  San Diego and of course it's free.  No babysitter required because as you may recall, IKEA has that fabulous playroom no child wants to leave.  And if the free seminar and kiddo watching isn't enough I've heard there are also some neat giveaways for attendees!

Want to check out Stephen in action and get a couple of tips right now?  Here's a little video with some great ideas.

Just so you know, this post has been compensated in conjunction with MomSelect and IKEA.  Everything you see is my personal opinion and really - who can't use some free tips to spruce up their home?
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