March 24, 2013

Parenting is Tough. Cheers to Taking a Break!

Gosh, parenting is tough.  I mean yes, of course the big picture things like raising a human being that will be an asset to society seem like a ton of bricks on your shoulders.  But it's the daily grind that will really do you in!  Don't get me wrong here- I think you know I adore my role as a mother to one cute, witty, precocious child that is bursting with personality.   But lately by the end of the day I am exhausted and collapse on the couch like a lazy dog.  

lazy sleeping dog

At which point my husband Craig joins me looking equally weary and it's only 8:15!!  Then we turn towards one another and one of us says in an exhausted tone "should we try to watch a show?" We inevitably agree on House of Lies because it's only half an hour and Shameless is a full hour...we couldn't possibly stay awake that long.  Seriously?  How sad is this? Does that fact that it’s Saturday night too make it sadder?

I'm cringing just writing about it because I recall the days before Kayla when Saturday nights were for cocktails, cute outfits and cab rides.  I'm not saying I want to be back in those days full-time but every once in a while, yes! So after weeks of this narcoleptic couch potato routine I may or may not have had a minor freak out and declared that we needed a night in downtown San Diego to get back to our less tired, less boring days.

andaz san diego exterior #cbias

Like a woman on a mission I set off on an Internet search to find a little one night escape from parenting and that search brought me to the Andaz hotel.  What I like about the Andaz is it's a boutique feeling luxury hotel right in the middle of the Gaslamp district, an area that is somewhat reminiscent of my hometown of NYC, which means you can walk to a variety of really nice restaurants and lounges and they are so close you can do it in heels.  Without whining.

After a week of our whole family being sick, spending my birthday sleeping on the floor of Kayla’s room watching over a feverish four year old and postponing our little getaway as a result, Craig and I finally packed our bags, kissed Kayla goodbye, exchanged fist bumps with her because she's hip like that and headed off on our very short drive to the Andaz. Now tell me this is not the look of a man excited to take a night off from his fatherly duties?

driving to Andaz San Diego a Hyatt Hotel #cbias

What was awesome is that way before we ever arrived I already knew our room was ready and we could just show up when we wanted.  How?  Because Hyatt, which owns Andaz has this awesome system that lets you check in from your phone and sends you an email or a text when your room is ready.  I had never ever heard of that at a hotel before in all my years of traveling and wish every hotel would embrace that system.   Literally as I’m writing this I am sitting in the cafĂ© of the fanciest hotel in Palm Springswaiting for my room to be ready!

Hyatt Hotels web check in Andaz San Diego #cbias

We checked in, I was wished a happy belated birthday by the front desk staff, which made me blush and had I not been suffering from tired mom syndrome I would have caught on to the fact that my husband had been up to something.  When we arrived at our room they had my favorite champagne and some uh-mazing chocolate cupcakes waiting for us. 

cupcakes at Andaz San Diego a Hyatt Hotel #cbias

Which was probably the best possible way to start off a nice evening away and we enjoyed a glass of champagne while taking in all the amenities.  First on my list at any hotel is an incredibly comfortable bed with soft sheets and a big down comforter.  Check, check, check. 

Next it would have been impossible to ignore the showerbecause it’s in the middle of the room!  Definitely not the room for traveling roommates, but for a romantic weekend away there is no other word I can use than sexy to describe it.  Honestly, I thought about it for a good 20 minutes. There isn’t. 

Andaz San Diego Large King room Hyatt Hotel #cbias

Aside from the obvious neat features like a sweet flat screen TV, a Keurig for on demand caffeine and a sweet view right into Petco Park, the local baseball stadium there were little things I could appreciate, like the toiletries that someone clearly put thought into – including makeup remover towelettes (I always forget them) and my husband, the mini-bar lover immediately gravitated to the “On The House” basket of goodies that included his favorite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so caught up in routines and constantly making sure that everyone else’s needs are met that I just forget how to put all of that aside and relax.  So after checking out the room I wanted to go on a walk around the neighborhood and check out the little shops, which was always one of my favorite pastimes living in New York. 

Andaz San Diego Large King room  shower Hyatt Hotel #cbias

We took our time poking our heads into all the little stores and trying on clothes for Spring with no sense of urgency which is something I never could have done if Kayla was in tow.  Before I knew it I found myself in actual vacation mode and just enjoying time with my husband with no time constraints, obligations or worries about what to feed everyone for dinner, what deadlines I might have for work or what semi-educational activities I was going to fill the rest of the evening with for Kayla.  

Craig and I headed back to the Andaz rooftop to grab a drink and watch the sunset.  I love how they’ve created a little oasis of relaxation right in the middle of busy downtown.  It was nice to have a chance to have some adult conversation without being constantly interrupted by the phrase “I need to tell you something!” and having our conversation derailed

Andaz San Diego room service Veuve cliquot champagne Hyatt Hotel #cbias

We talked about trips we want to take in the near future, financial goals for the year as well as long term ones (renovate the house!!) and of course our conversation circled back to our daughter.  However it was recalling all of the cool little milestones she’s hit recently, the funny things she does and how we want to take her to Disneyland this Spring rather than us divvying up responsibilities for the evening concerning her care.  It was really nice to spend time dwelling on the awesome aspects of parenthood rather than the everyday drama and minutia of who is in charge of tooth brushing, did we say she could have dessert or not and is a party dress an acceptable substitute for pajamas.

Andaz San Diego roof lounge Hyatt Hotel #cbias

Feeling fully in vacation mode we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner and then headed to Katsuya, the super chic sushi restaurant which is conveniently located right off the lobby of the Andaz.  When we walked in I got surprise number two of the day.  While checking in with the host I got a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see a few of my close friends standing there who Craig had arranged to meet us there to celebrate my birthday. 

I am the ultimate party pooper and never want any sort of celebration in my name or public fuss made about me.  But in all fairness it was my 30th birthday, so it was nice that even against my wishes he went and did something to make it memorable, but kept it small.  Reminder 583 of why I love this man.  Both couples that joined us have young children so we could all relate to the extreme need for a night out and enjoyed a long dinner filled with lots of laughs and self deprecating humor as to how un-glamorous our lives have become in the last few years. 

Andaz San Diego roof Hyatt Hotel #cbias

We moved up to the rooftop which becomes quite the scene on weekend nights and spent some more time talking and just soaking in the atmosphere knowing that it would probably be a while until we were all together again in a relaxed, non-child filled setting.  Then we all headed for bed, but I knew I was the only mother who didn’t have to get up with a child in the morning and that alone is like a vacation! 

I could not believe my eyes when I rolled over in the morning and stared at the clock to see it say that it was 8:55am.  Seriously?  I can’t remember the last time I slept that late.  Craig wakes up at 4:45 Monday – Friday and I’m usually not too far behind him.  What could possibly be better than sleeping in?  Breakfast in bed!  I made the executive decision to be as lazy as possible and order room service.  The food was fantastic and I was shocked at how quickly it showed up at our door. 

Andaz San Diego room service breakfast Hyatt Hotel #cbias

After a no-rush breakfast we packed up and headed out for the oh-so-short drive home.  Of course my motherly instincts kicked in and as soon as we got in the car I could not wait to scoop up Kayla and give her the biggest hug ever.  Back at home I was reminded of the post-getaway haze that infuses its way into your normal everyday life for a while.  The distance that often divides a couple when all you get to talk about is who is doing what and when was greatly reduced and I felt reminded that even though our lives are busy it’s SO worth it to make the effort of getting just a few minutes of time to actually enjoy one another’s presence.    

I was also more patient with Kayla and far more willing to “be the mommy dinosaur just one more time” and chase her around the living room making T-Rex noises (I have no idea what a T-Rex is actually supposed to sound like, but fortunately neither does she) which naturally resulted in her behaving better and being far more agreeable in most circumstances.  So I think it’s safe to say that taking a little break was the best thing we could have done for our family and pretty much set us on an upward spiral.   

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