March 9, 2013

Munchkin Lulla-Vibe - get that baby to sleep in their crib

Before I had Kayla I had this completely naive notion that as a baby she would hang out in her bassinet for a little while and then easily transition to the crib I had so carefully chosen and agonized over the bedding for.  Wrong!

As a reflux baby, Kayla quickly took to her more upright bouncy seat.  By "took to" I mean she sort of accepted it as a substitute for being held upright by me for a few hours a day.  It was an incredibly hard first 6 months.  No reflux medication that was safe for a baby did anything to help and the only way for me to sleep without sitting upright and holding an ever growing Kayla on my chest was with her in the bouncy seat and the vibration setting on.

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While Kayla grew my fear shifted from worrying about her brain cells being vibrated right out of her 95% percentile sized head to what would happen when she outgrew the bouncer and it was no longer safe to have her in it. Eventually we did transition Kayla to her crib with a wedge placed under the mattress.  It did take a week of even more sleepless nights than I was used to (3 hours on a good night!) and rendered me nearly brain dead myself, but it happened.

Recently my friends over at Munchkin released the Lulla-Vibe which essentially takes that vibration feature commonly found on bouncy seats and transfers it to a squishy paddle-like object that you can stick under your baby's crib mattress to help them fall asleep.

Munchkin, Munchkin Lulla-vibe review, Munchkin Lullavibe, vibrating crib mattress,

Obviously all I could think was where was this four years ago??  I would have traded a limb for it then!  So how does it work?  It's about as easy as it gets.  The Lulla-Vibe comes with 4 AA batteries that you pop into the special battery compartment and seal inside with a velcro closure.  After that you just stick the whole thing under your baby's crib mattress with the little handle sticking out one of the slats.

Munchkin, Munchkin Lulla-vibe review, Munchkin Lullavibe, vibrating crib mattress,

I'll be the first to say that I'm overly paranoid when it comes to putting things in cribs and car seats but I honestly feel like the Lulla-Vibe doesn't really lift up the crib mattress very much at all so I don't have an issue with it.  If you place it under the mattress like you're supposed to the springs from the crib base tend to allow for the small difference in height.

I've read an Amazon review saying that people felt the Lulla-Vibe was too strong in vibration and based on reading the whole review I think the person might have been using it incorrectly and placing it in the crib rather than under the mattress.  When placed under the mattress it gives off a vibration that's neither eyeball shaking nor too weak - similar to a baby bouncer.

Might I also add that I'm a big fan of this AA battery need as opposed to the expensive and heavy C or D batteries that most baby bouncers require.  You can even use rechargeable ones and cut down even more on waste and expense.  If you want to check out the Lulla-Vibe you can here
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