March 15, 2013

Game Day with Kettle Chip Crusted Chicken & DIY Pom Poms

When my husband and I first started dating I totally understood that football happened on Sundays.  I just didn't get that it also happened on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays too.  That was a rude awakening!  I may or may not have pitched a hissy fit about the sheer amount of sports watching that was happening in our home.

Too much TV for college basketball #KettleMadness

Then when Kayla was born we entered what I can only call the REALLY unhappy baby phase...seriously, nothing made her happy for the first few months of life.  She was reflux-y, colicky and just not a happy little camper and it tore me up to see her that way.  Oh and she only wanted ME.  So it was a very rare occurrence for me to even leave the house alone get to the grocery store because I'd feel guilty the whole time I was gone and I'd come home to a crying baby and a very stressed husband.  Not Ideal.  

One day in March while feeling like I might actually lose my mind I told my husband I needed to pick up a few things and get out for an hour to feel human again.  I made it a whole 30 minutes before I needed to head home out of fear that they were both a mess.  Much to my surprise when I walked in the door it was quiet.  And there they were standing in front of the TV watching college basketball and happy as two peas in a pod.  Kayla was actually watching the game and I almost didn't know how to react.

Crying baby!

Freak out that our 3 month old was watching TV?  Cry out of happiness that I could leave the house for half an hour and the world didn't end?  If you've had a tough baby in the beginning I'm sure you can relate.  I went with option C which was a hybrid of both and included a slightly snarky "oh my gosh she's watching TV" followed by a big hug and a "THANK YOU for letting me get a break." 

Fast forward four years (wow, it's been 4 whole years) and this month I'm excited that as a much happier and out-of-the-baby-blues family we've been catching some of the games together.  Since daddy is an SDSU alum like 80% of the population in San Diego we're clearly rooting for the Aztecs and this week had an extremely important game for them.  

DIY crepe paper pom poms for #KettleMadness cheering during college basketball #cbias

Since the game didn't even come on till 9pm PST it was way too late for Kayla to stay up and watch.  So I did do a few things to make the evening more fun for her and get her in the spirit before we grown ups curled up on the couch to quietly yell at the TV while she slept.  I picked up a little basketball for her while I was running errands and made her this pom-pom she could shake till her little heart was content before bed.  (If you want to make your own I've included a little tutorial on how to make this crepe paper pom pom here.)

As you probably know I'm always trying to get her and the rest of us to eat more vegetables so I decided to make a little veggie tray with a couple of dips since they seem to be the key to excessive vegetable consumption.  

#KettleMadness Kettle chips and dip for game time snacking #cbias

I'd never tried this before but I decided to test out doing a little sauteed garlic and scallion dip.  It was super fast and easy and it wound up tasting very refreshing with just a little hint of spice.  All I did was saute 2 chopped cloves of garlic in the tiniest bit of butter and put that in my mini food processor with 2 tablespoons of chopped scallions, a half container of light sour cream and a dash of salt and pepper.  It made a nice addition to onion dip, which is our default.

Making scallion and garlic dip for game day #KettleMadness #cbias

I prepped some vegetables, set out some of our house favorite chips - Kettle Chips.  What I personally like about Kettle Chips as a mom is that they only use natural oils (no scary trans fat) have no artificial colors or flavors and are made with non-GMO ingredients which is VERY important to me.  Basically I like all the things that aren't in them!

After that I was thinking about what to do for the actual main course when I got a little creative and decided that instead of having Kayla fill up on chips before dinner I'd just offer her veggies in a sneaky way and then use the potato chips instead of bread crumbs on some chicken.

#KettleMadness Kettle Brand Jalepeno chips #cbias

Since I had this little coupon I picked up both  regular sea salt and jalepeno flavors. I put the jalepeno flavor out for my husband along with the veggies and dip and by declaring them spicy I knew she would just eat the veggies.  You know by now that I'm usually a little bit of a nut when it comes to food I feed my child but I believe in letting kids indulge in moderation.  So I told her she was getting potato chip chicken for dinner and she was pretty psyched.

making Kettle Chip crusted chicken #KettleMadness #cbias

I just put some of the Kettle Chips in a bag, crushed them with a rolling pin and put them in a bowl along with another bowl of flour and a bowl of egg and coated my chicken.  It looked pretty darn good before it even got cooked!

Kettle Chip crusted chicken #KettleMadness #cbias

I was worried that the Kettle Chips wouldn't stick that well to the chicken but with a really good coating of flour and egg they were just fine and after about 35 minutes at 375 degrees I had some really yummy crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside chicken.  While the chicken was baking my evil get-them-to-eat-vegetables-plan totally worked and that veggie platter was wiped out.

Baked Kettle Chip chicken #cbias #KettleMadness

I served it up with some mixed greens for the big guy and some broccoli and mangoes for Kayla.  All in all it was a well received dinner and we all liked the little crunch the potato chips added.  After some dishes Kayla and I played a bit, read some books and of course there was plenty of pom-pom waving even though the game wasn't on yet.

Kayla with her DIY crepe paper pom pom #KettleMadness #cbias

Finally it was bedtime and then game time.  I'm happy to report that San Diego State won so fingers crossed they will be making their way into the big tournament...and then I'll probably wish I hadn't rooted so hard for them when my better half is permanently glued to the TV for #KettleMadness yet again!

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