March 31, 2013

A Mickey Mouse Birthday for a little guy with a great mom

You may or may not have heard me mention my friend Dana before.  Dana is that mother you see and think seriously?  How does she do it?  She cloth diapers, she home cooks every single meal (organic, healthy and well balanced mind you) she does natural childbirth, she sews her daughter’s doll clothes instead of buying them.  Oh and did I mention she also runs a daycare? So on top of that she takes care of other people’s children and feeds them organic home cooked meals too.

Little girls eating cake at birthday party

Really, the meanie in me wants to hate her for the bazillion ways she is a better mother than me, but I can’t because she truly is an amazing person who does all of these things not so she can say she does with an air of superiority, but simply because it’s what she wants for her family.  I feel very lucky to call her my friend.

March 26, 2013

Hello Sunshine! - A Game Toddlers Can Call Their Own

I think it's safe to say that every baby's first game is peek-a-boo.  Admit it, you did it well before you had a the chubby little baby at the grocery store, to the baby leaning over the seat in the row in front of you mid-flight.  So what makes a good second game for baby?

 Mommy Testers ThinkFun Hello Sunshine game for toddlers review

While it seems the game industry is just overflowing with products for the 3 and up crowd there really aren't very many for toddlers.  So when I saw Hello Sunshine! at Toy Fair I was delighted to see that ThinkFun was creating more games for this age group and of course Sunshine is irresistibly cute!

March 24, 2013

Parenting is Tough. Cheers to Taking a Break!

Gosh, parenting is tough.  I mean yes, of course the big picture things like raising a human being that will be an asset to society seem like a ton of bricks on your shoulders.  But it's the daily grind that will really do you in!  Don't get me wrong here- I think you know I adore my role as a mother to one cute, witty, precocious child that is bursting with personality.   But lately by the end of the day I am exhausted and collapse on the couch like a lazy dog.  

lazy sleeping dog

March 21, 2013

The Best Easter Eggs for Toddlers - Talking Easter Eggs

When Kayla was about 15 months old and we were heading into Easter season I remember checking out Target and feeling less than satisfied with the Easter egg options.  There were lots of brightly colored plastic eggs both empty and filed with candy.  There were some character eggs too, but nothing that blew my mind.  I grabbed some of the empty eggs so I could fill them with Cheddar Bunnies instead of candy since she was too young for it.

Talking Easter Eggs, The best easter eggs for toddlers, Hide em and find em easter eggs, easter eggs for blind children,

Then in searching I found these pretty amazing eggs I had never seen before.  They make for such a cute hide and seek scenario and we used them well beyond the Easter season.  I bought 2 and felt like 2-3 of them were the perfect number to get a real game going on a cold or rainy day.

How do they work?  They have an on/off button that you push to activate and then hide them in various places whether it's outside or around the house.  One you push the button they will start calling out to your child with phrases like "I'm over here!" and "Come find me!" full disclosure - it is a talking toy so yes, it's not something you'd just want going in the background all day but it's a great exercise in teaching your child to use their hearing to figure out where something is.

Talking Easter Eggs, The best easter eggs for toddlers, Hide em and find em easter eggs, easter eggs for blind children,

When they do locate the egg and open it it's got a little chick inside (that's attached and does not come out) who says "you found me!" which is probably treat enough for most toddlers.  You could fill the other end with something though if you wanted to.

Not a single friend I have showed these to had ever seen them before so if you're hosting an Easter Egg hunt or looking for a neat and original gift to bring to a friend at Easter who has young kids these Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Easter Eggs are a great pick!  When I bought them I remember reading a review from a woman who had a blind child and she said these eggs made it so that he too could finally participate in Easter Egg how cool is that?

If you'd like to check out these eggs yourself you can right here: Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Easter Eggs

March 19, 2013

Spring Closet Cleaning...and Shopping with a Little Fashionista!

Spring is coming!  There is absolutely no denying it here in San Diego where it hits the mid 70’s in the afternoon these days.  Along with the very welcome warmer weather comes Kayla refusing to wear even remotely warm pajamas at night despite the fact that the temperature plummets and the annual realization that much of what she owns from last Summer is way too small.

Little girl Spring style with swiss dot shirt and Hello Kitty Rain boots #cbias

In the past I would always shop way ahead and buy a decent portion of next year's clothes when the sales hit for the current season.  That seemed to work when she was a baby, but now that times have changed and Kayla has an opinion of her own I'm learning that for most items it doesn't wind up saving me money and usually ends with a lot of waste.

Little girl Spring Style with baby gap sunglasses and Target shirt

So this year, for the very first time I've found myself with Spring and Summer quickly approaching and next to nothing picked out and set aside for Kayla.  In order to get a clear picture of what might still fit (and be deemed socially acceptable to a 4 year old) I set aside a morning to sort through all of her warm  weather clothes I had packed away last year and weeded out anything that was obviously too small or had seen too many days on the playground and at art class.

Spring closet cleaning and sorting clothes with Orla Kiely for Target milk crates

Anything that didn't make the cut got bagged to be donated to AmVets.  I love that here in SoCal they will come pick up your donations right at the front door.  It's so much more convenient than having to haul everything to a drop off location!

Little girls Spring dresses to sort and donate

I was surprised at how excited Kayla got when I presented her with these bins labeled "Keep" and "Donate" and told her we needed to go through her clothes from last year.  The best move I made was pre-sorting all of the things that definitely needed to go.  It eliminated a lot of debating over items and streamlined the process but still left enough that Kayla could feel like a big girl and that she was helping make the decisions.

sorting clothes with Kayla to keep or donate

It was also a nice little reminder to her that there are plenty of other little girls out there who would be happy to have her gently used clothes and that it's important to give back.  Feeling pretty proud of my little munchkin for once again being pretty great about parting with some things that used to be her favorites I told Kayla I would buy her a couple of new dresses for her since dresses are her new obsession and she cannot wait until it's warm enough in the morning for her to wear them to school.

Cute spring fashions and chevron print dress from Totsy #cbias

I've always enjoyed browsing flash sale sites but recently I've started checking out some of the ones that are more directed at children and moms, like Totsy and Zulily.  Here is San Diego I'm always amazed by how few children's boutiques there are.  It seems that everyone just shops at the standard places like Target, Baby Gap and Gymboree.  Therefore, it's common to walk into school and see a few kids wearing the same thing.

Girls Spring dresses from Zulily #cbias

So last week after putting Kayla to bed I spent some time browsing both Totsy and Zulily in search of some new dresses for Kayla.  Generally when most people think of sale sites I think they picture items that no one really wanted from seasons past, but that's really not true at all!  I'll tell you from the insider perspective as someone who has sold to these kinds of sites in the past that there is tons of great new on-trend merchandise.  I was particularly amazed by the selection of adorable dresses for little girls.

Spring and Easter dresses from Totsy #cbias

There were items to appeal to just about every taste. I saw gorgeous tutus made from tulle rosettes, very traditional dresses I would imagine seeing in the Hamptons and colorful printed dresses with very handmade feeling finishes like the kind I drool over on Etsy, but much less expensive.  There were modern graphic prints and tunics that made me totally jealous and I would have seriously ordered for myself if I thought I had a chance of squeezing into them!

Jeweled tunic dress and grey chevron print dress from Zulily #cbias

One thing that has kept me from shopping sites like these in the past is the long shipping time.  I like instant gratification!  So, I was excited to see that both Totsy and Zulily now have plenty of items that are able to ship quickly.  Totsy refers to their items as "Fast Ship" and categorizes them by sale whereas Zulily has a "Ready To Ship" category where you can see everything that is available to ship quickly in one place.  It makes shopping for last minute gifts or a dress for a special occasion like Easter or a wedding so much easier.

my favorite dresses from Zulily and Totsy

I spent more time than I'd like to admit checking out the sales and felt like Totsy was unbeatable when it came to price and I really liked that they offer free shipping on your first order.  I can't stand paying for shipping and I bet you're with me! The only frustrating thing about sale sites like these is they tend to sell out of things pretty quickly.  However, I do like that Totsy will reserve whatever you put in your shopping cart for a short period of time so you have a chance to look around without feeling too rushed to check out.

Kayla wearing her little girls apron style cupcake dress from Zulily #cbias

In the end I wound up picking up this adorable 50's style cupcake print dress for Kayla from Zulily and the sweet tan seersucker dress with little embroidered hearts from Totsy.  I couldn't believe that the seersucker dress was around $13!  I think it will be the perfect for Summer picnics in the park.  As you can see, Kayla is already loving her Zulily dress (it's bringing out the domestic goddess in her) and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the one from Totsy.

Kayla wearing her little girls apron style cupcake dress from Zulily #cbias

All in all I'd say a very successful experience in clearing out the old clothes and bringing in some super cute new ones.  Kayla feels like she earned a couple of special new things and I feel like I got a deal on these dresses while shopping from the convenience of my couch.  Now if only I could find the motivation to make my way through our toy cabinets!

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March 18, 2013

Have You Taken The LeapFrog Reading Month Pledge Yet?

I've said before how one of my early childhood memories is the bookshelf in my room.  In spanned the entire length of the room and was completely filled with books.  Everything from Doctor Seuss to the Berenstain Bears to The Boxcar Children were on those shelves. Also, there is no doubt in my mind that their presence along with my parents' commitment to reading to me constantly is why to this day I have a deep seeded love of reading.

LeapFrog Reading Month Pledge, LeapFrog Tag Giveaway, LeapFrog Tag Green Eggs Ham, #LFReadingMonth,

So you can imagine I'd want nothing more than to pass that love on to Kayla.  I want her to see reading as something she does for enjoyment rather than as a chore.  Coming from that perspective I know if will make the reading she does throughout her education that much easier and something like a textbook on European History that much more digestible.

LeapFrog Reading Month Pledge, LeapFrog Tag Giveaway, LeapFrog Tag Green Eggs Ham, #LFReadingMonth,

Did you know that spending just 20 minutes a day reading with your child truly does set them up for success?  Studies show that kids who get that time tend to rank in the 90th percentile or higher in school, whereas children who get less than 10 minutes a day fall lower than the 75th percentile?  That is a HUGE difference and a reminder to me to make sure that no matter how busy we are, I set aside time to read with Kayla.

This month I've taken the Leapfrog 20 Minute Reading Pledge because when you're a busy parent (and who isn't?) It's easier than you think  to skip a few days here or there and find yourself in the habit of letting your child zone out and watch a show rather than read a couple books with them.

LeapFrog Reading Month Pledge, LeapFrog Tag Giveaway, LeapFrog Tag Green Eggs Ham, #LFReadingMonth,

In our home reading doesn't always happen right before bed.  Sometimes reading is something we do before I take Kayla to school.  I like to think it gets her brain going for the day.  Board games and books are often my go-to's on weekend days with less than fantastic weather.   It doesn't matter when you do it, it just matters that it happens.

We went through a period of struggling independence when Kayla refused to let me read to her and insisted she do it "all by myself."  Of course she had just turned 3 so she didn't quite have the skills to be able to actually read the text of the book to herself and that is precisely where the LeapFrog Tag became a good little tool for us.

LeapFrog Reading Month Pledge, LeapFrog Tag Giveaway, LeapFrog Tag Green Eggs Ham, #LFReadingMonth,

The Tag allows your child to feel like they are in control with the book while using the Tag pen to have the story read to them, help them figure out a word they were not able to sound out of their own or even to play games to enhance the learning experience after they've learned the story.

Think you might want to test out a LeapFrog Tag of your own? You can enter below to win one for your child!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just so you know, I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective but content and opinions expressed here are my own. To take the LeapFrog Reading Month pledge, please visit their Facebook page. #LFReadingMonth #spon

March 15, 2013

Game Day with Kettle Chip Crusted Chicken & DIY Pom Poms

When my husband and I first started dating I totally understood that football happened on Sundays.  I just didn't get that it also happened on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays too.  That was a rude awakening!  I may or may not have pitched a hissy fit about the sheer amount of sports watching that was happening in our home.

Too much TV for college basketball #KettleMadness

Then when Kayla was born we entered what I can only call the REALLY unhappy baby phase...seriously, nothing made her happy for the first few months of life.  She was reflux-y, colicky and just not a happy little camper and it tore me up to see her that way.  Oh and she only wanted ME.  So it was a very rare occurrence for me to even leave the house alone get to the grocery store because I'd feel guilty the whole time I was gone and I'd come home to a crying baby and a very stressed husband.  Not Ideal.  

One day in March while feeling like I might actually lose my mind I told my husband I needed to pick up a few things and get out for an hour to feel human again.  I made it a whole 30 minutes before I needed to head home out of fear that they were both a mess.  Much to my surprise when I walked in the door it was quiet.  And there they were standing in front of the TV watching college basketball and happy as two peas in a pod.  Kayla was actually watching the game and I almost didn't know how to react.

Crying baby!

Freak out that our 3 month old was watching TV?  Cry out of happiness that I could leave the house for half an hour and the world didn't end?  If you've had a tough baby in the beginning I'm sure you can relate.  I went with option C which was a hybrid of both and included a slightly snarky "oh my gosh she's watching TV" followed by a big hug and a "THANK YOU for letting me get a break." 

Fast forward four years (wow, it's been 4 whole years) and this month I'm excited that as a much happier and out-of-the-baby-blues family we've been catching some of the games together.  Since daddy is an SDSU alum like 80% of the population in San Diego we're clearly rooting for the Aztecs and this week had an extremely important game for them.  

DIY crepe paper pom poms for #KettleMadness cheering during college basketball #cbias

Since the game didn't even come on till 9pm PST it was way too late for Kayla to stay up and watch.  So I did do a few things to make the evening more fun for her and get her in the spirit before we grown ups curled up on the couch to quietly yell at the TV while she slept.  I picked up a little basketball for her while I was running errands and made her this pom-pom she could shake till her little heart was content before bed.  (If you want to make your own I've included a little tutorial on how to make this crepe paper pom pom here.)

As you probably know I'm always trying to get her and the rest of us to eat more vegetables so I decided to make a little veggie tray with a couple of dips since they seem to be the key to excessive vegetable consumption.  

#KettleMadness Kettle chips and dip for game time snacking #cbias

I'd never tried this before but I decided to test out doing a little sauteed garlic and scallion dip.  It was super fast and easy and it wound up tasting very refreshing with just a little hint of spice.  All I did was saute 2 chopped cloves of garlic in the tiniest bit of butter and put that in my mini food processor with 2 tablespoons of chopped scallions, a half container of light sour cream and a dash of salt and pepper.  It made a nice addition to onion dip, which is our default.

Making scallion and garlic dip for game day #KettleMadness #cbias

I prepped some vegetables, set out some of our house favorite chips - Kettle Chips.  What I personally like about Kettle Chips as a mom is that they only use natural oils (no scary trans fat) have no artificial colors or flavors and are made with non-GMO ingredients which is VERY important to me.  Basically I like all the things that aren't in them!

After that I was thinking about what to do for the actual main course when I got a little creative and decided that instead of having Kayla fill up on chips before dinner I'd just offer her veggies in a sneaky way and then use the potato chips instead of bread crumbs on some chicken.

#KettleMadness Kettle Brand Jalepeno chips #cbias

Since I had this little coupon I picked up both  regular sea salt and jalepeno flavors. I put the jalepeno flavor out for my husband along with the veggies and dip and by declaring them spicy I knew she would just eat the veggies.  You know by now that I'm usually a little bit of a nut when it comes to food I feed my child but I believe in letting kids indulge in moderation.  So I told her she was getting potato chip chicken for dinner and she was pretty psyched.

making Kettle Chip crusted chicken #KettleMadness #cbias

I just put some of the Kettle Chips in a bag, crushed them with a rolling pin and put them in a bowl along with another bowl of flour and a bowl of egg and coated my chicken.  It looked pretty darn good before it even got cooked!

Kettle Chip crusted chicken #KettleMadness #cbias

I was worried that the Kettle Chips wouldn't stick that well to the chicken but with a really good coating of flour and egg they were just fine and after about 35 minutes at 375 degrees I had some really yummy crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside chicken.  While the chicken was baking my evil get-them-to-eat-vegetables-plan totally worked and that veggie platter was wiped out.

Baked Kettle Chip chicken #cbias #KettleMadness

I served it up with some mixed greens for the big guy and some broccoli and mangoes for Kayla.  All in all it was a well received dinner and we all liked the little crunch the potato chips added.  After some dishes Kayla and I played a bit, read some books and of course there was plenty of pom-pom waving even though the game wasn't on yet.

Kayla with her DIY crepe paper pom pom #KettleMadness #cbias

Finally it was bedtime and then game time.  I'm happy to report that San Diego State won so fingers crossed they will be making their way into the big tournament...and then I'll probably wish I hadn't rooted so hard for them when my better half is permanently glued to the TV for #KettleMadness yet again!

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DIY Crepe Paper Pom Poms - Perfect for Game Day!

By now you might be able to tell that I'm having a little bit of a crepe paper love affair.  So the other night while our family was getting pretty excited about the big basketball tournament I decided to make Kayla some special DIY crepe paper pom poms because she's always begging my for those cheesy looking plastic ones you find in toy stores and I always refuse since they fall into the category of super duper cheap plastic toys.

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Pom, DIY Pom Poms, Crepe Paper Pom Poms, Handmade pom poms for game day, #kettlemadness

All you need is some crepe paper (1 color or 2, it's up to you) popsicle sticks, a clip of some sort to hold the paper, some scissors and tape.  These are very quick and easy so you can definitely have a fairly young child help.

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Pom, DIY Pom Poms, Crepe Paper Pom Poms, Handmade pom poms for game day, #kettlemadness

First I folded the crepe paper back and forth about 15-20 times and secured it on one end with the clip.

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Pom, DIY Pom Poms, Crepe Paper Pom Poms, Handmade pom poms for game day, #kettlemadness

Next I snipped the loops on the end without the clip.  You can do each one individually or to make yourself less insane you can just trim the whole end by about a 1/4" which will eliminate all the loops in one cut!

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Pom, DIY Pom Poms, Crepe Paper Pom Poms, Handmade pom poms for game day, #kettlemadness

Next you'll shred the tissue cutting up to about an inch from the clip.  You can make the strands as thick or thin as you want.  My recommendation would be to cut it into about 5 sections for the most realistic pom pom shake without making the strands too thin and delicate.

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Pom, DIY Pom Poms, Crepe Paper Pom Poms, Handmade pom poms for game day, #kettlemadness

Remove the clip and lay your popsicle stick in the top middle of the crepe paper.  You might want to add a few dots of glue or some tape around the actual popsicle stick so your child can shake it like mad and it won't come undone.

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Pom, DIY Pom Poms, Crepe Paper Pom Poms, Handmade pom poms for game day, #kettlemadness

Tape the crepe paper around the popsicle stick.  Be sure it's really secure.  I wrapped it tightly and went around a few times.

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Pom, DIY Pom Poms, Crepe Paper Pom Poms, Handmade pom poms for game day, #kettlemadness

Then I added my contrasting color because our team is red and black.  You can just use one color and follow the same instructions for solid color pom poms.  I secured it to the popsicle stick with a piece of tape, wrapped it around tightly 5 or 6 times, taped in it in place and that was it!

DIY Crepe Paper Pom Pom, DIY Pom Poms, Crepe Paper Pom Poms, Handmade pom poms for game day, #kettlemadness

March 13, 2013

Got Your Suit & Tie? Ready for a black & white party?

I was driving Kayla to school the other day and found myself in a fit of giggles as I listened to Kayla singing along (loudly and out of tune) to Justin Timberlake's Suit & Tie.  It was one of those songs that sort of creeps up on you and without actually ackowledging that you like it you suddenly wake up one day, turn the radio on in the car and realize you know every word straight down to the timing of the dramatic pauses.  Or in my case that would be me and my sponge of a 4 year old who has mastered the chorus.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 party decor for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

Since sometimes it feels like I live under a rock (a rock made of Legos, princess dolls and board games) I didn't know that Mr. Timberlake's new album The 20/20 Experience was coming out so soon - March 19th. I'm not a huge music purchaser since I listen to the radio a lot.  BUT I had heard through the blogger grapevine that you could pre-order the album for only $7!

So I ordered one for Kayla since I'd rather hear her singing these lyrics than some of the less wholesome ones we manage to find on the radio and If I have to listen to the Dora CD one more time I just might lose the bit of sanity I have left.

Then, because I've had some friends and readers say they'd like to see some more things for older siblings and the big kid crowd I came up with this black and white bow tie themed party that makes the perfect setup for a teen or tween slumber party.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party decor invitation for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

You can't have a party without invitations!  Well okay, you can but seriously, what kid (even if they are hip and cool) doesn't want to get mail?  I made these simple invites meant to look like the charts they use for eye exams since it paid homage to the Justin on The 20/20 Experience album cover and they take just a couple minutes to make in a word processing program.

After that I made some crepe paper bow ties.  I've been using crepe paper a lot (hint some cute crafts coming) and I love that it's a very forgiving medium and pretty much flexes and stretches as you want it to.  They came out looking so cute that I might have made a whole bunch! You can see the tutorial on those here.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party decor crepe paper bow ties for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

After turning out a few bow ties my mind immediately turned to tissue paper topiaries.   I know, not a normal thing to have your mind leap to but my aunt has been making tissue paper flowers and topiaries since I was a little kid.  Wayyy before Martha made all that stuff seem chic.  However, her perfectionist version of a topiary involves making about 100 big tissue paper flowers before even starting the topiary and quite frankly I don't have that kind of patience.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party decor tissue paper topiaries for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

Instead I made this simple version that still looks great but can be made in about 45 minutes or less.   Rather than twisting individual flowers and putting them on floral wire I came up with a short cut.  With something eye catching like these you don't have to worry about tons of other decor and since they are primarily tissue paper and crepe paper they're inexpensive too!  Each one only cost me about $8 to make. If you're curious, you can check out the tutorial on that here.

I'll give credit where credit is due because months ago I had pinned a photo of some jeweled plastic silverware to one of my party boards on Pinterest.  I had completely forgotten about it until I was cruising the party aisle at Walmart and went to grab these spoons.  When I turned around and looked at the other side of the aisle I saw some stick on gems for a dollar in the scrapbooking section and knew this had to happen.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party decor jeweled flatware for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

The original pinner had gone and hot glued rhinestones to each spoon which made her a better mother than me, but sounds painful and time consuming, plus I can't stand those little strings hot glue leaves behind... so stick on gems it was.

And then those fancy spoons needed a home.  So I took some black paper cups taped a strip of white paper around them and stuck on a crepe paper bow tie for a little penguin suit effect. Again, a dollar package of cups from Walmart but they looked pretty sweet after!

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party decor tuxedo cup for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

Why was I so focused on decor? Because if you're having a black and white party for kids it's really hard to keep all the food black and white.  Try explaining to a ten year old that they have to eat turkey on pumpernickel because it goes with the theme.  I vote that you order in or make your own pizza or something easy and universally accepted, serve it on black or white plates and then make some black and white desserts or snacks.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party food popcorn for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

So I just popped some popcorn and threw in my mom's most favorite movie theater snack Snowcaps. Let's just say that Kayla's mind was blown...clearly she never envisioned chocolate and popcorn in the same container.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party ice cream toppings for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

 I set out a bowl of black and white chocolate covered pretzels and some black and white ice cream toppings and that was it.  I love seeing those big candy tables that look amazing and are filled with an overabundance of treats, but do you really want a group of children running around who have been allowed to consume that much sugar?

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party ice cream sundaes for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

For some extra fun I made some photo booth props.   These glasses I had actually gotten at a special event a while back and saved them for a rainy day...yippee!  I taped some more of those bow ties to bamboo skewers with the pointy tips cut off.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party decor photo booth for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

 I also used the little graphic I had made with the album release date.  You can easily swap out the name and date to your child's name and the party date for a very custom feeling prop.

Mommy Testers #JT2020 black and white party photo booth props for 20/20 Experience Album Release Party #cbias

And that backdrop you see from the party table, it doubles as a step & repeat if you have a little starlet on your hands who just needs some more limelight.  You can move it by the front door and snap some photos of your party guests arriving.

Have any other great black and white party ideas? I would love to hear them!  And since I wouldn't want anyone else to miss out on that killer deal for JT's The 20/20 Experience album I'll let you know that it's available at that $7 price for pre-order right now here and you'll be able to get it in Walmart stores from 3/19 to 3/24 at that crazy awesome price.  Sounds like it might need to make its way into some Easter baskets, don't you think?

Just so you know I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop
has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for CollectiveBias® and #JT2020 #cbias #SocialFabric everything you see is my personal and picky opinion.
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