February 27, 2013

So Apparently I'm Arm Candy Now...

Not too long ago I used to live on an airplane.  Okay, I didn't actually LIVE on an airplane, but I spent a postively ridiculous amount of time traveling in them.  Until recently I flew 100,000+ miles each year traveling back and forth across the country doing fashion industry trade shows and hopping around Asia visiting manufacturers.  In fact, Kayla logged more miles in my belly than most kids will ever fly in their lives.

Mommy Testers Cwonder cork ballet flats, Zara coated pants and J.Crew silk blythe blouse #cbias

So it gives me great pleasure to say that in a few weeks, for the first time ever I'll be taking a business trip on which I have zero responsibilities.  In fact, when I told one of my bloggy besties where I was going she immediately informed me I was "arm candy" which is a hilarious concept to me and something 25 year old me would have had a fit about and defended my liberated, self supporting woman status.

That's right, I'm tagging along while my husband attends his annual securities traders conference in Palm Springs.  For 72 wonderful hours my only job is to show up at the amazing La Quinta, look somewhat put together and enjoy myself while hanging out with my most favorite guy in the world, his industry buddies and their wives.  Jackpot!

Mommy Testers CWonder cork pointed toe ballet flats #cbias

After calling my mother in law and arranging for her to come stay for the weekend (Thanks mom!) I got down to the best part of vacation planning if you're a bit of a clothes horse -what to pack.  It would be a lie if I said I needed some new clothes for this trip since living in San Diego my wardrobe is pretty much planned for eternal Spring but really, who doesn't want to get a few fun new things before a trip to a warm place?

As you probably know by now, my default for online shopping is J.Crew,  but when I saw that C.Wonder was having a flash sale it was impossible to avoid poking around and seeing what they had to offer.  If you're not familiar with C.Wonder, my take is that it's sort of a hybrid between J.Crew and Kate Spade but with more down to Earth prices on most items.  The pricing of their flash sale was insanely awesome to say the least, so I helped myself to a couple of cute accessories, guilt-free.

Mommy Testers CWonder pave cushion cute earrings and JCrew necklaces #cbias

Most people assume that having worked in jewelry for so long I have a ton of it.  I really don't though.  In fact, staring at it for so long has made me overly choosy when it comes to picking pieces and I only buy a couple new pieces a year.  I love that these pave earrings are timeless and easy to wear with nearly anything whether it's a T-shirt or a cocktail dress.  Clearly mine will be worn with more T-shirts these days!

Those cork ballet flats you saw above?  When I found them there was no question as to whether I was ordering them.  I have a cork clutch I bought last Spring and it has become a go-to piece in my wardrobe.  I was hoping to find a pair of cork flats this year and the fact that these have a pointy toe makes them so perfectly on trend.   This girl also loves mixing neons and neutrals so I was pleasantly surprised when these shoes arrived from C.Wonder and I saw the hot pink leather accent on the back of them.

Mommy Testers CWonder cork pointed toe ballet flats #cbias

And yes, they go with lots of things too.  Even an elephant clad shirt!  Here's a rule I always go by.  If the shirt is busy I keep the accessories simple, pair it with tailored pants and neutral shoes.  It keeps you from being "that woman" who tried to wear it all and everything is competing.

Mommy Testers CWonder cork pointed toe ballet flats #cbias

I've recently had some friends give me an earful about my "$60 sale shirts" to which I say I hear you, but it's all about high and low.  These pants were just $18 at H&M, but paired with the right things you'd never know it (I mean, unless I bragged about it on the internet.)

Mommy Testers CWonder sparkle canvas tote  missoni ipad cover#cbias

And what woman doesn't need a great big bag to keep all her stuff in? I grabbed this cute canvas tote that can function as both my big handbag for the trip to Palm Springs and back and a bag to take to the pool.  The gold hardware is gorgeous and the fabric is a great balance of casual and refined with a touch of sparkle.

It fits all the essentials and leaves plenty of room behind for sunscreen, magazines, a change of clothes and the ever growing collection of Apple products I seem to be unable to function as a human being without.

Mommy Testers CWonder sparkle canvas tote textured lace skirt

So now that my wardrobe needs are taken care of I can move on to my husband's.  This means I have about 3 weeks to convince him that Adidas sandals are not casual attire.  They are what boys in high school wear with sweat pants when they roll out of bed late for school.  Any suggestions to help him get to that realization?

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® #CBias #SocialFabric of course everything you see here is my personal and incredibly picky opinion. Suffice to say I'll be making a trip to the C.Wonder store in San Diego soon!
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