February 4, 2013

Need a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift in a jiffy?

Valentine's Day...it's coming.  Yes, you're probably thinking "I know that" but have you actually done anything about it?  I have a little confession and I beg you not to share it with my husband.  Beneath all of the decorations, cute clothes for Kayla and creative valentines for her friends I am a bit of a Valentine's Day slacker in the actual gift department.

Easy last minute Valentine's Day photo gifts from Walgreens #HappyHealty #cbias

Truth be told I've snuck out of the house the night before and returned with a card disguised in a bag of  urgently needed groceries.  With all of the photos I've taken of Kayla thought the last year, I officially have no excuse to deliver anything short of a very thoughtful gift.  Except for those shipping deadlines from photo printing sites.  They are always, always the roadblock in the photo-gift giving plan.

By the time I get around to finding the right photos, editing them, choosing what to put them on and sending them off to be printed I've missed the cutoff for standard delivery and that's when the completely absurd rush shipping charges start coming into play.  If you're anything like me then something about rush shipping just rubs you the wrong way, even if it is your fault for procrastinating.

Using the Walgreens App for Easy last minute Valentine's Day photo gifts from Walgreens #HappyHealty #cbias

But this year will be different because I recently learned that you can now use all of those pictures you snapped on your phone, including the Instagram ones, edit and print them through the Walgreens app.  No transferring, no emailing them to yourself and uploading them elsewhere. It's probably one of the easiest mobile ordering forms I've ever filled out!

The Walgreens app shows you the stores closest to you and allows you to choose which store works for you as well as tells you exactly what time you can plan to pick up your photos, usually in an hour.  You can print regular photos or even a photo canvas.

Easy last minute Valentine's Day gifts from Walgreens #HappyHealty #cbias

I ordered my photos, did a grocery shop and then headed across the shopping center to my local Walgreens to pick them up.  I had a plan in my head that I would make a Valentine's Day photo wreath  but in the Valentine's Day candy aisle I found a few cute things that would make for ridiculously easy and adorable photo gifts so I thought it would only be fair to share those too.

Easy last minute Valentine's Day photo gifts from Walgreens #HappyHealty #cbias

I grabbed this little heart shaped photo snow globe which I thought Kayla would go crazy over.  It even has red heart glitter inside and honestly, what could be better for a little girl than something you can shake that's filled with glitter?

I just took out the stock photo insert, traced it on a photo of Kayla and her cousin Lily, popped it in the back and was good to go.  Since it's not glass I feel comfortable giving this to Kayla and know she will love seeing the picture of her with her cousin who lives so far away.

Easy last minute Valentine's Day photo gift photo snow globe from Walgreens #HappyHealty #cbias

When I first saw the photo cube pictured above my initial reaction was that it was way too generic looking even for my husband's desk.  While I liked the concept and knew it would provide conference call entertainment I couldn't get over the shiny black plastic.  But if there is anything I'm learning from Pinterest it's that you can fix nearly anything with paint.

Easy last minute DIY Valentine's Day photo gift cube desk decor from Walgreens #HappyHealty #cbias

I took that black plastic piece outside, gave it a spray with some silver spray paint I had sitting in the garage and texturized it using the rough side of a kitchen sponge while the paint was still wet.  That left it looking similar to those zinc letters you see in fancy design catalogs while still manly enough to be put on a desk.  I added some pictures of Kayla from throughout the last year and that was it.

Did you know you can also print a photo canvas right from your phone?  Just make sure it's a pretty high quality image and you can upload it directly and choose from two different sizes.  A friend took this picture of Kayla and her dad in Palm Springs and it was such a cool action shot it had to be blown up on canvas.

Easy last minute Valentine's Day photo gift photo canvas from Walgreens #HappyHealty #cbias

You'll also earn rewards on qualifying purchases through the Balance Rewards program that you can use toward future purchases.  I think it's neat that they don't have silly rapid expiration dates like other pharmacy rewards cards

If you're short on imagination for what you might want to gift this Valentine's Day Walgreens has a new item each day for their 14 Gifts Of Love promotion and you'll find special offers (like snagging a free brag book) right on their Facebook page.

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has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for CollectiveBias® and Walgreens #cbias #SocialFabric everything you see is my personal and picky opinion and I'm looking forward to a #HappyHealthy 2013 with Walgreens!
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