February 24, 2013

Can you recycle that? You probably can!

After about 3 years of complaining about that the cordless phones my husband has had since before we started dating, we finally got replacements.  And then I found myself with a box of electronic junk and wondering what to do with it.  Sound familiar?

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I added figuring out what to do with said junk to my to-do list and promptly forgot about it.  Several weeks later I circled back to that phone system and couldn't even find the box containing it that had been sitting in the garage so either we have been burgled by someone looking for barely functioning electronics or one of us had unintentionally tossed it in the trash, which you are definitely not supposed to do.

Then last week my husband came home with a new vacuum to replace the one we've had for years that has eaten one too many Legos and regardless of how many times I clean the filter it has the smell...you know what I mean?  Yet again,  I found myself in the same predicament, yet determined to make sure this one got recycled.  Then I got lazy again (shocking) and THEN I found out about this program.

...which is pretty awesome because you can bring in super old electronics, regardless of where they were purchased and they are accepted at all locations throughout the US and Puerto Rico for free, safe and responsible disposal.

Best Buy electronics recycling, free electronics recycling, easy electronics recycling, can you recycle,

When I first read that I figured sure, let me show up with my giant vacuum cleaner and be THAT weirdo.  But hear this little factual tidbit - Best Buy recycles 387 pounds of electronics for every minutes that their stores are open!  That's pretty incredible and makes me feel like I won't be the only one cruising into the store with my old hunk of junk.

While I'm there I'll be eyeing the Energy Star washing machines they carry because I can tell it's just a matter of months until our low-efficiency, dinosaur of a washing machine goes into cardiac arrest and officially quits on me.

So do you have an appliance that is about to turn in its two week notice?  Or better yet one that has just quit with no warning?  You can check here and see if it's on the list.  If it is, Best Buy will recycle it for you and you can check out more efficient alternatives  like I'll be doing for our "vintage" washing machine.

Just so you know, I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy giftcard for sharing this information but I would have shared it anyway since it's an awesome program and since technology waste is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet I'll be making sure we're more careful about what doesn't go into the trash and it's nice to see Best Buy is doing their part too!
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