February 17, 2013

Are you at risk for heart disease? Sadly, I am.

In case you missed it, February is very appropriately American Heart Month. While I was making lots of Valentine's Day and cute heart related things I couldn't help but stumble upon some reminders that while heart disease is something most of us associate with men who smoke and like to eat cheeseburgers the fact of the matter is it's still the number one killer of women.

Mommy Testers sending UrgentRx critical care aspirin to my dad from Duane Reade #MyUrgentRx #cbias

 Not mythical women living elsewhere, but people like you and me.  Which is completely scary when you think about it.  In fact I got a nice little wake up call myself on my first visit to the OBGYN while pregnant with Kayla.  I chose my doctor because she is the doctor who delivers the babies of most of the local nurses (which speaks volumes if you ask me) and because she is a straight shooter, tell it like it is kind of lady which was a match for my personality.

Mommy Testers sending UrgentRx critical care aspirin to my dad from Duane Reade #MyUrgentRx #cbias

So you can imagine my surprise when we were reviewing our family medical history and of all the things we discussed, including my husband having cancer in his 20's didn't faze her very much.   The exception being that my father had a heart attack before he was 40.  I explained that back in the day he loved himself some Big Macs, smoked and oh yeah, was raising FOUR daughters.  Writing it off in my head as such an obvious cause and effect scenario that had nothing to do with me.

 Mommy Testers sending UrgentRx critical care aspirin to my dad from Duane Reade #MyUrgentRx #cbias

I'm pretty healthy, have never smoked a cigarette in my life and have always been relatively skinny but the fact of the matter is that because my father had that heart attack at such a young age I am immediately put into a higher risk category for heart disease.  While I was back in New York for Toy Fair my little sister and I popped into Duane Reade, where I used to spend a LOT of time when I lived there!

We were talking about how she had just gone for an echocardiogram when we saw these UrgentRx packets.  Initially the Headache Relief caught my eye, but then I turned the little display by the checkout stand and saw the Critical Care Aspirin.  It immediately made me think of my dad who has been on an aspirin regimen for the last 20+ years.  He's a slightly high strung New Yorker and I'd be lying if I said I don't worry about his stress and the potential for a heart attack even though he's dramatically changed his living and eating habits since I was a child.

Mommy Testers powdered fast acting head ache on the go medicine from UrgentRx #cbias #MyUrgentRx

I grabbed a few of the UrgentRx Critical Care Aspirin packets to mail to him because taking aspirin at the first signs of a heart attack greatly increases your chances of surviving it. Fact. What I thought was pretty neat and different about this form of aspirin was that the medicine is in powder form and comes in an easy to store and transport paper-thin packet.  Being in a powdered form and not requiring water to take it means you can do so immediately and it gets absorbed into your bloodstream quickly.

Unlike a pill box or dispenser the packets are easy to carry and can fit right in your wallet.  They even fit in my little change purse that I use as a wallet while running around town with Kayla.  I also bought a couple of Head Ache Relief packets and a Heart Burn Relief packet as well.  I occasionally find myself with a headache and waiting 45 minutes for meds to kick in while trying to keep up with a rambunctious child is like torture.

Mommy Testers UrgentRx fast acting heart burn relief powdered medications #MyUrgentRx #cbias

I've also been a life long hot sauce lover and in the past couple of years I've noticed that it's starting to turn on me.  At a friend's 40th birthday party in Vegas I indulged in some buffalo wings at lunch and then found myself in so much pain at dinner I couldn't even eat the amazing dinner that was being set before me and was contemplating calling it a night because I had never experienced heart burn before and had no idea what was wrong.  Fortunately, one of my older, wiser friends caught on and had an antacid to offer me so the night continued like nothing had ever happened.

Now it's happened a few times and I love that this UrgentRx packet can fit in my wallet and take up as much space as a credit card so if I were to find myself in that same position again (which I'm sure will happen) I can take it and get on with my night.  UrgentRx also makes packets for Allergy Attack Relief, Upset Stomach Relief and Ache and Pain Relief.

Mommy Testers childproof on the go medicine from UrgentRx #cbias #MyUrgentRx

If you're wondering if those little packets are childproof, they are.  You just have to fold them at the dotted line and tear at the arrow.  It's easy for an adult, but too complicated for a 4 year old.  Trust me, I checked :)

Just so you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for CollectiveBias® and UrgentRX #cbias #SocialFabric everything you see is my personal and very picky opinion!

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