January 2, 2013

What's Your New Year's Resolution? Here's mine!

Every year when January 1st rolls around my husband takes a long walk on the beach and thinks about his goals for the year before writing them down in some super secret manly notebook I don't dare call a diary.  I on the other hand tend to shy away from making long term promises to myself that I probably won't keep.

New Year's resolution Running with Gatorade #cbias

This year however, I am making one AND because words mean so much more when you write them down and share them with thousands of people, I'm sharing it here.  You might not know this about me but once upon a time I used to run...a lot.  In fact at one point I was running about 10 miles a day.  Since Kayla has been in the picture, not so much.

You know I'm big on healthy living, eating right and trying to keep our family on the go.  I've managed to stay pretty active and feel genetically blessed that I look just about the same as I did before I had her, but I can't say I've been pushing the limits in the exercise department.  There is however a part of me that has been longing to get back to long distance running as a "me time" activity.

Mommy Testers dog eating socks

So I'll say it right now, my resolution this year is to build up that stamina I once had and run a couple of races before the end of 2013.  No marathons, I'm not a glutton for punishment these days but how about a 10k or two...maybe even a half marathon?

There is a secondary motivation to get running again too.  This past year our family adopted a cute and energetic (okay, hyper) rescue dog named Charger.   The only thing he loves more than doing sprints in our backyard and swimming is eating socks and stuffed animals.   So I'm hoping that we can start doing long distance runs together in an effort to keep him healthy, active and prevent him from getting bored and destructive.

Running with Gatorade for hydration #cbias

Santa was thoughtful enough to send a new pair of ridiculously lightweight  running shoes my way that happen to match my favorite Lululemon jacket.  Through some shipping miscalculation they arrived at our front door a few days after Christmas while I was out checking out the post holiday sale at Target with Kayla.

We nabbed a few nice home decor bargains and picked up some snacks and Gatorade for hydrating before and after my runs.  It's always been my go-to beverage since High School because all of those energy drinks freak me out with their shady ingredients and this just replenishes what you lost while working out.

lululemon run swiftly jacket and iPod #cbias

Later that day I busted out my very ancient iPod and the uniform of suburban mothers everywhere, Lululemon pants and that favorite jacket.  One of my favorite things about this jacket is that the headphones loop right through a special hole in the pocket and stay in place while you're running.  I laced up my new shoes, grabbed my furry friend who was overly excited to get going and did our first real run together.

cuddly snuggle with a tired dog and child #cbias

We only went about a mile and a half since I live on a mountain and all the streets near us are pretty tough hills but the faster pace had Charger and I both pretty tired by the time we got back.  Kayla was ready for a snuggle and they both passed out right on top of me within minutes of our return.  

Kayla had insisted that I buy her some blue Gatorade and I was pretty glad I had later that day when our entire household started exhibiting signs of illness.  Just like my mom did when I was a kid, I got out the sick tray filled with salty snacks for sore throats and lots of drinks to keep everyone hydrated.

Gatorade for hydration when sick #cbias

The good news is that with her "blue juice" Kayla was willing to drink fluids without me having to constantly nag her.  That was a few days ago and ate up the majority of Winter break but we're all getting back to normal now (thank goodness) and I'm getting back out there to run again today!

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