January 16, 2013

Gasp...See Me on the Wells Fargo Blog!

What feels like a hundred years ago I headed to BlogHer which is pretty much the equivalent of New Years Eve in Times Square for ladies who blog.  Being a bit (okay a lot) of a newbie I didn't know too many other bloggers and due to my crazy schedule I only had a few hours to spend at the conference but while I was there I did take note of a writing contest that Wells Fargo was hosting.

The topic was explaining your relationship with money...which is a bit different for someone who mostly writes about ways to keep your children entertained. Regardless I decided to enter and share how I look at our household finances....in 250 words or less which was the hardest part of all.

Much to my surprise I woke up one day in early September to a message letting me know that I was one of the contest winners.  So forgive me, I've been keeping a little secret from all of you, but you can now (finally!) check out my thoughts on the Wells Fargo blog right here.
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