January 21, 2013

Cute Free Birthday Stickers For Your Kiddo from Peaceable Kingdom

As you know, I don't really write about "free stuff" and coupons very much at all.  There are thousands of blogs out there that cover it far better than I ever could.  However, every once in a while something comes along that I feel you should know about and today I have one.

A long time ago while exploring my love for Peaceable Kingdom and their innovative cooperative games for young children I signed Kayla up for their Birthday Kid Club.  I figured why not?  It said they would send her a card and what small child doesn't love mail addressed to them?

As you may know, we had a birthday recently and when Kayla received this card in the mail I assumed must have come from one of my family members.  No one else would take that amount of time to decorate a card for my child, right?

Wrong!  It turned out it was a card from the Peaceable Kingdom crew (I had long since forgotten requesting it) and inside was not only a handwritten note of birthday wishes but a sweet little pack of their scratch 'n sniff stickers.

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Kayla was delighted and I had flashbacks to my sticker trading days with my buddies when life was simple and you worried about swapping fuzzies, puffy stickers, oilies and scratch n'sniffs instead of mortgage rates and health insurance plans.

While I'm no child's birthday club expert I happen to think this is pretty awesome and generous of Peaceable Kingdom since most of the other things that come our way when Kayla's birthday rolls around are coupons offering 15% (gee, thanks!) off to retailers that I would probably never use anyway.  If you want some birthday cheer sent your way you can join their Birthday Kid Club right here.
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