December 27, 2012

Winter Break Activity- Snowflakes For Sandy Hook

I have to be honest and say that a few weeks ago I knew Winter break was approaching and there was a part of me, like most parents (who are willing to admit it) that was dreading the extra long break from school.

snowflakes for Sandy Hook, making coffee filter snowflakes

I only have one child so on the house-full-of-craziness meter I know I should really shut my mouth and not complain, my mom had 4 of us running amok for two weeks straight growing up and quite frankly I'm not sure how she didn't lose her mind, but do now understand her extra selective hearing during those long breaks from school.  It was a defense mechanism.  

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary (and I don't think tragedy is a strong enough word)  It's fair to say that every parent felt a change of heart about rapidly approaching break from school.  I personally felt like a giant word-I-won't-write-here for having that negative perspective on extra time with my child.

snowflakes for Sandy Hook, making coffee filter snowflakes

Through the online grapevine I had heard that the Connecticut PTA was collecting snowflakes for the students of Sandy Hook to create a winter wonderland.   Immediately there was no question as to whether Kayla and I would be making snowflakes as one of our many crafty distractions.

I did tell Kayla that we were going to make snowflakes for some children who need cheering up.  I didn't get into the details of why since she is only at the brink of 4.  If Kayla was a few years older I'm not quite sure what I would have said but I think explaining how the magic of knowing that other people care can change how someone feels would have been included.

snowflakes for Sandy Hook, making coffee filter snowflakes

While checking out a post by a blogger I interact with a lot on Twitter - Heather from  Living On Love and Cents I saw she used coffee filters to make snowflakes with her kids because they are already round and have a floaty, snowy texture to them from the start.  Great idea, right?

Kayla definitely needed some help making the tiny cutouts to produce an intricate snowflake but I helped her by turning the paper and letting her cut with some safety scissors.  I wound up making the majority of our snowflakes because I hadn't done this paper snow flake making since grade school and it was actually pretty exciting to see what my adult scissor skills could result in.

snowflakes for Sandy Hook, making coffee filter snowflakes

We'll be sending off our snowflakes today to the students of Sandy Hook.  If you'd like to do the same thing you can send them to the address below to arrive before January 12th.

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514

Obviously we couldn't stop at snowflakes.  Inspired by Kayla I had an easy little art project to use all the little trimmings from our snowflakes which I'll share with you tomorrow!
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