December 11, 2012

Little Girl Style - What I'm loving Right Now

I've received more than a few emails lately asking where Kayla's clothes come from.  Thank you because I'm flattered that you think she's relatively "put together"- I'll have to remember to post a picture from school pick-up when she comes home like a disheveled paint covered mess with crazy hair  to balance things out!  

But to answer some questions I shop for Kayla the same way I do for myself - high and low.  I buy plenty of basic pieces from Target and Old Navy.  Nothing beats the cute $4 leggings or the $8 jeggings from good old Target.  

I add in some some more special items from places like Baby Gap and Crewcuts to make her outfits more special.  Here are some of my favorite pieces right now:

Baby Gap Embellished Graphic Tees

It seems like each Winter Baby Gap releases one collection of graphic tees that I absolutely fall in love with.  I always wait till they go on sale since they constantly have promotions (especially if you're a Gap card holder) and buy the next size up as well.

This year they had some super cute and whimsical feeling shirts finished with tulle and this is one I grabbed in both a 4T and a 5T.  You can take a look here

Crewcuts Bubble Necklace

Does this necklace look familiar?  If you're a J.Crew lover like me then you'd immediately identify it as a miniature version of their famous bubble necklace which is often imitated and never well executed.

Kayla has quite a few Crewcuts necklaces but I haven't been able to bring myself to splurge on this one...yet!  You can check it out here

Baby Gap Princess Tiara Fleece Hat

Do you have a little girl who refuses to wear hats in the winter?  I do!  That is until we got this super cute princess inspired hat complete with its own jeweled tiara.  It's super cuddly and warm for cold winter days and's adorable!  Take a look here

Baby Gap Velour Leggings

I'm in the camp that for the first few years of life jeans are pretty impractical unless they are made of super stretchy material.  Leggings are how we do it in our home.  But winter calls for a heavier version and these velour leggings really remind of of a nice pair of pants but are beyond comfy and easy to run, play and do all the things a little girl is supposed to be able to do.  You can see them here

Crewcuts Glitter Dot Sweatshirt

Simple and cozy with the right dose of sparkle I love this winter white much that I've considered trying to squeeze into the largest children's size.  You can take a closer look here.

Baby Gap Bell 
Puffer Jacket

We had one of these jackets last year for a winter trip to New York and when it went on sale I bought this year's size and put it in a storage box. Right now I'm thinking about going back for the next size up to hang on to for next year because it's just SO warm, cozy and understated but cute.  Check it out here.

Koala Shoes

What feels like forever ago I wrote about Zooligans and their cute as can be puppy shoes.  What's the next animal we'll add to our ever growing zoo of Zooligans?  I'm thinking these cute Koalas.  If you want to read more about why I happen to think these are fantastic shoes for kids you can here.
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