December 3, 2012

Let the Wrapping Begin...Kid-Friendly Wrapping Tips Too!

Every year when the holidays roll around, there is no question as to who in our family puts in the double overtime.  Although Santa can claim much of the credit, I think in most families Mrs. Claus is the unsung hero.

By the time Halloween approaches I've got the holiday shopping itch.  I'm already making extra laps around the toy department in every store I visit and adding to my neurotically thoughtfully collected stash of stocking stuffers bought throughout the year.

Mommy Testers gifts to wrap for the holidays

So this week, after what feels like a century of shopping, ordering, debating, returning, and hiding all of these gifts it was time for the grand finale of wrapping each and every awkwardly shaped package I managed to purchase.

My husband took Kayla to their standing Saturday morning breakfast date.  I was just about to make a quick breakfast and pick up some extra gift boxes when I realized that in all of my recent shopping trips I had forgotten to stock up on the most important tool in my wrapping!  In my holiday rush I had been ignoring the dwindling supply all month and it was coming back to bite me.

Mommy Testers Starbucks Limited Edition Holiday Blend from Sam's Club #Delicious Pairings

This hardly ever happens, but I used it as an opportunity to treat myself to a trip to Starbucks for a fancy latte before picking up my last few gifts and some wrapping supplies.  While I was there I realized they had started serving all of their holiday drinks like gingerbread lattes and it reminded me that I should look out for something more exciting than my old standby of hazelnut coffee.

Mommy Testers Starbucks Holiday Blend display at Sam's Club

After grabbing a few gift boxes at Walmart I headed around the corner to Sam's Club to grab the last gift I needed to pick up.  While I was there I saw this big display for the Starbucks Limited Edition Holiday Blend coffee and decided to grab a bag.  I don't always buy Starbucks coffee but buying it in bulk meant it wound up being about the same price as store brand coffee.

You may not know this but I have a severe weakness for cinnamon rolls so it was impossible for me to pass up these mini cinnamon rolls in the bakery section.  They're mini so they don't really count if you eat them right?

Mommy Testers #DeliciousPairings Starbucks Holiday Blend and cinnamon rolls

Back at home I brewed up a pot of the Holiday Blend and set out some cinnamon rolls.  I'm the kind of person who pours a cup while the pot is still brewing so I had to try a sip of the Holiday Blend before it was done and it was a little stronger than I'm used to since I'm a "lots of milk and sugar" girl.

So I grabbed a cinnamon roll and took a bite of that for a cream and sugar effect before having my next sip. The cinnamon really stood out after that sip.  Apparently this special blend brings out the magic in foods that have cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and more which makes for some #DeliciousPairings

Mommy Testers Starbucks Holiday Blend and mini cinnamon rolls from Sam's Club #DeliciousPairings

I'm not going to tell you how many mini cinnamon rolls were consumed once I realized they were dunking size but it was more than 5 and less than 10 :)

After my dunk-fest I refilled, added some milk and got ready to wrap till my fingers hurt!  Over the last few years I have learned some lessons the hard way when it comes to wrapping presents for younger children so I thought I'd share them with you...

Mommy Testers wrapping my holiday gifts with Starbucks Holiday Blend from Sam's Club #DeliciousPairings

Kid-Friendly Gift Wrapping Tips

  • If you can't see all the components of the product from the outside of the package open it up carefully and make sure they are all there.  It's much better to find out you're missing something before an excited child opens it.  
  • Batteries required?  I always load them into the product, put it back in the packaging and then wrap it....because putting them in with a small child desperate to play with their new toy feels as stressful as performing open heart surgery!
  • Ribbons on boxes for little kids?  I go with stick-on bows and skip tying ribbon all around boxes since they just frustrate kids and then they need adult help opening the packages. 
  • Those stick-on bows?  I save them till the night before Christmas because they tend to get smushed when you have to hide all those gifts in a confined space.  I just pop them on as I put the presents under the tree.
  • Speaking of hidden gifts...I don't even keep ours in the house to avoid snooping! If you have a wonderful neighbor who doesn't have small children see if they will store yours for you during the home stretch.  My next door neighbors are amazing and keep mine in a spare bedroom, plus I think they like seeing all of the cute kid stuff each year.  
Mommy Testers tips for kid-friendly gift wrapping #DeliciousPairings

Do you have some holiday wrapping tips?  I'd love to hear what they are...perhaps you've got a trick I need to add to my arsenal?

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